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February Favorites

The cold weather has arrived and the month of February is in full swing. During the winter months, I feel like I need an extra boost of color or vibrancy … literally anything to help me not look as tired and pale. To solve my problem, I have been using a few key products to help liven up my February look, to create more warmth, and to overall give myself a more awake appearance.

Chanel Volume Mascara

Ever since I discovered a sample of this mascara … I was changed for life. Never had I owned a product that coated my lashes perfectly in just one swipe, while also delivering dramatic volume and curl. The cherry on top is absolutely zero clumps … always. It is a pricey mascara, but I rationalized this purchase based on the fact that I tend to not wear a lot of makeup during the week. I leave this gem for weekends and occasions where I need to turn it up a notch. I have had my tube for about two months, and it’s still going strong. The Chanel Volume Mascara has become an instant staple in my makeup collection.

Liquid Laguna Bronzer

I have been coveting this bronzer ever since I saw it at the 413 Bleeker NARS boutique in New York City last year. This past year, I have seen this bronzer pop up in Sephora stores, but for some reason I never sampled the product. While revisiting the 413 Bleeker location in January of this year, I decided to make the decision to purchase the Liquid Laguna Bronzer. After all … when has NARS ever failed me? Needless to say, this product was just what my skin needed for some extra warmth.

To achieve a subtle warm glow, simply apply a few pumps of the bronzer to a wet beauty blender and contour your face by blending in a “three” around your forehead, under your cheekbones, and slightly under your jawline (just to create a subtle shadow). As NARS lovers know, this bronzer is a makeup collection staple. It creates a perfect subtle tan, without any sign of looking orange. And let’s not forget the slight shimmer that creates a soft luminous sheen. Lately I have been addicted to applying all my makeup with a wet beauty blender, so I am currently obsessed with using this product, and I’m sure I will be for awhile.

Milk Makeup Lip Marker

I don’t know what it is about February, but I definitely feel more sluggish and have minimal effort to continuously touch up my makeup throughout the day. The Lip Markers by Milk Makeup became an instant solution to my problem. All you need to do is line and color in your lips, as if you were coloring with an actual marker. There are a definitely a few things to keep in mind when using this product and to ensure it looks as flawless as can be.

For one, I always like to apply a lip balm prior too using my Lip Marker to add additional hydration. The Lip Marker actually does hydrate your lips, but prefer a little extra something in the winter time. The lip marker can also be streaky sometimes, so using lip balm before or after can help blend in the marker to create a well-blended lip stain. It is also vital to store the markers facing down so the color stays in the felt tip (they literally work like actual markers). They come in a few colors: a dark purple, red, hot pink, and neon orange.

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