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Fashion With a Passion: Feeding the Hungry

Happy October, beautiful people!

Did you know that your love for fashion can help feed hungry bellies? Today, I want to share with you a new, interesting way to use your passion for fashion to make a difference in the world.

So, what does hunger look like in Ohio? According to the Feeding America organization, 1,691,910 people are struggling with hunger in Ohio, and 510,030 of them are children. This information was not only shocking to me but it was also heartbreaking. Today, I want to share with you some exciting news! There is a way YOU can help make a difference!

A new friend of mine, and a fellow student here at Ohio University, Mollia Zezzo, is the founder of a Christian apparel company known as Follow the Son. Through her simplistic and trendy clothing company, Mollia started Follow the Son to help individuals grow spiritually while inspiring them to spread the love of God and their faith. Every penny of her sales is donated to non-profit organizations. Mollia said, “I created Follow the Son because I was inspired by Youth Philanthropy to raise money and donate it to organizations in my community in need of help to make in impact in individuals’ lives. I want to inspire others to express their faith while humbly sharing God’s love!” And let me tell you… she is humble!

I just have to say… WOW. Not only is Mollia an entrepreneur but she is a BOSS WOMAN. She is such an inspiration to me. Mollia is using her gifts and abilities to take steps toward changing our world and spreading love to others. The best part is that we can make a difference too! In fact, Mollia needs us to help her change the world!

“We have faith in our supporters that by purchasing any of our products, you are contributing to making a difference in hundreds, potentially thousands of lives.” Follow the Son apparel is feeding the world one shirt at a time, and YOU can help. By making a purchase of just one item, you have taken a huge step in helping change the world. Have I mentioned her apparel is ADORABLE? By making a purchase you are giving back to others and showing love to our less fortunate friends.

I encourage you to check out Follow the Son apparel! You will NOT regret it! I mean seriously though… what is better than helping and loving others, while getting cute clothes at the same time? 😉

Checkout Follow the Son and also check out their Instagram @followthesononline

XO Annalise Joy

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