Fashion Rule Revised: Wearing White after Labor Day

Hi, I’m Katie….

Let me try that again.

Hi, I’m a poor college sophomore worrying way too much about her future & drinking way too much coffee.  When I’m not daydreaming about endless tacos and snuggling with a million baby pugs, I ponder the thought of running away to the big city and becoming a professional dancer.

Let’s just say that I’m a dreamer, who’s trying to get my life together, and build a resume, and figure out who I am.

Fashion + healthy living + pursuing life goals are major focuses in my life. I’ve never feared change or doing things alone. Because of this, I’ve learned a lot about myself.

A few things about me…

I believe anything that genuinely brings happiness into my life is worth doing, and I hold a strong desire for adventure, making it hard for my family and friends to find me at times.

I’m a Retail Merchandising & Fashion Product Development major, and I recently began my entrepreneurship certificate at Ohio University.

This semester I really want to test the blogging waters, share my perspective & ideas, and ultimately challenge myself creatively.  With that being said, I’m focusing the rest of this post on a simple September outfit that I wore this morning.


With Labor Day quickly approaching, the first thing that I thought to throw on was my white pants.  If you ask me, the “no wearing white after labor day” rule is no longer something that should be followed. If anything, September is the month that I find myself wearing the most articles of clothing in white. I refuse to tuck my favorite items away into the back of my closet just because an old-fashioned rule tells me that I should.

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I paired these white jeans with a burnt orange mock-neck tank to add a little shade to the upcoming season.  As far as shoes went, I wasn’t sure if I should slide on some flats or spice it up with these lace-ups. These heeled lace-up sandals are the perfect addition to any relatively casual outfit, especially in September.

There’s nothing that I love more than gold accents and dainty jewelry. My favorite piece from this entire outfit has to be my “K” pendant from Anthropologie!  I purchased this necklace right before I came back to school and I wear it daily. I really adore the simplicity of one letter, compared to monograms that can occasionally be too chunky for my taste.

This outfit can easily transition into fall by substituting the lace-up sandals for chic booties and throwing on a light jacket.  I recommend a leather or denim style.

Wearing: BDG jeans (Urban Outfitters), Truly Madly Deeply Tank (Nordstrom), Lace-up Sandals (Steve Madden), Jewelry (Anthropologie)

With love,

Katie Klinefelter

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