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Fashion Forecasting

Totally Buggin! 90’s Trends Are Coming Back.

The ’90s are known for their trends and the fun fashion that came along with them. From the iconic hairstyles to the infamous velour tracksuits, statement pieces and necessary basics can be found in every teen magazine. With inspiration from ’90s movies and icons, the trends have come full circle and found their way back to us. For this fashion forecast, I predict that we will see a lot more fun pastel colors, more platform shoes, and more sparkles coming our way. 


Velour tracksuits: The iconic matching combo is stylish and an easy piece to throw on when running errands, grabbing lunch, or just hanging around the house. It gives a cute, but casual impression and seems to have a color for every mood. Even Kim Kardashian has dug back into her ’90s roots as she has released her own Skims Velour Tracksuit. This trend is on its way to being a new staple to our wardrobe. 

Overalls: Not only were kids rocking this style during the decade, so were adults. Denim, colorful, and corduroy overalls were trending at the time, and will be a great piece for spring. They can be styled with a turtleneck, plain short sleeve t-shirt, graphic t-shirt, and an oversized sweater to be added over the piece. This very versatile trend would go well with a bucket hat or a bandana.


Platform flip flops: These flip flops will make their comeback this summer and give us that extra boost of height we appreciate. When I think of this trend, I cannot help but have the Lizzie McGuire show pop into my head. Even though this was an early 2000s show, Hilary Duff, who plays Lizzie, follows this ’90s style and wears her signature orange platform flip flops. These shoes come in all sorts of colors and are ideal for a flowy summer dress or even just pairing them with shorts or jeans and calling it a day. 

Platform clogs: Cute for all seasons, these shoes can be dressed up with some socks or just slipped on bare feet. Leopard print and neutral-colored clogs will be a trend that goes well with a pair of jeans. There are low heel platform clogs and a higher heeled variety to choose from. 


Thick headbands: These are a great accessory, as there is a variety of sequined, velvet, and printed headbands to choose from. They are definitely a throwback to the ’90s, as the iconic Cher from the movie Clueless inspired us with her velvet and printed headbands that she paired flawlessly with her outfits. The thicker headbands will be coming back into style and will go nicely with any outfit picked to pair it with. 

Butterfly clips: These fun little clips bring back childhood memories; now they are back in the fashion world. There is an assortment of bright-colored and neutral butterfly clips that look great with any hair color. Pin back pieces of hair with these for a cute and fun look or use them to secure smaller braids, making the clips standout. 

Fruity jewelry: Studs and dangly fruit earrings will be a fun piece to add to the collection for this spring and summer. Some popular ones will be strawberries, lemons, and cherries. Dangly fruit earrings would be a statement piece that could go well with a solid-colored blouse, sweater, or dress. The fruit studs would be a more casual piece that would be ideal  for everyday wear. This jewelry will add more color to outfits and would pair nicely with other gold and silver jewelry. 


Hair jewels: These small, adhesive jewels are a fun way to add accessories to hair. There are a variety of different shapes, colors, and sizes, including stars, hearts, and circles that go on small strands of hair. These jewels are an easy and cute way to style hair, while also drawing attention to those beautiful locks. 

Bubble braids: These braids are stylish and can dress up any outfit. They are simple when starting directly from a ponytail and using small elastics to create the “bubbles.” These can work with long or short hair. For longer hair, create the bubble braid with a ponytail, letting down the hair and gathering certain sections of smaller strands to braid, or even going from the roots and braiding down. For short hair, try to braid from the roots all the way down (depending on how long the hair is). Gathering smaller strands to create small bubble braids in hair is super cute as well. These braids are cute for any season and add a new way to style hair. 


Bright eyeshadow: Think of any color of the rainbow, because these colors are coming into trend for eyeshadow and brightening up any look. In the ’90s, stars like Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani wore fun pink colors on their eyelids, making their whole look light up. Electric blue was also a popular one that is coming back, as it makes any eye color shine. These fun shades will be an interesting summertime trend to try out.

Body glitter: Glitter is not only fun for wearing with makeup, it is also an easy way to add some glow to the skin. Brushing the shimmer on the chest and lightly on shoulders is a great way to get that sparkling summer look. Body glitter would go beautifully with a tube top, or a blouse, or a tank top, and a flowy skirt. 

The ’90s are back and are bringing their dainty accessories, luminous glow, and colorful makeup with them. This fashion will brighten any wardrobe, creating a fun look for the spring and summer. These trends are heading our way, so be ready for these exciting styles.