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Fashion Bloggers You Need To Follow

Instagram is full of fashion bloggers who all have their own personal sense of style. I love following many of them to get different ideas to help build my own wardrobe. I’m sure many of you follow at least one fashion or lifestyle blogger, and maybe you’ll see your favorite on this list! 

Luanna Perez-Garreaud, known also by her blog name “Le Happy,” is one of the most popular fashion bloggers. I always saw pictures of her on Tumblr before I actually found out who she was. She’s based in New York City, and she’s notable for her red, long hair. Her style is elegant, but not without a punk edge that fits the aesthetics on her blog. She tends to stick to oranges, blacks, reds, and blues, and it all works with her hair color. Her posts aren’t solely based on fashion, but she also will keep her followers updated on traveling, beauty, home decorating, and more so there are a variety of subjects that she covers. 

“Deaddsouls,” or Lydia, has been gaining popularity in recent years. She is another fashion blogger who has an alternative fashion sense, and she incorporates more gothic and occult elements into her clothes. She tends to go for more vintage looks, and I love taking several pointers from her posts into my own closet. 

Danielle Victoria is a blogger and model, who I found because she is the girlfriend of Vic Fuentes, lead singer of Pierce the Veil. I started following her, and her style is very feminine and dressed up. She keeps her looks classy and sophisticated, and her posts show her traveling all across the country. She is honest and often writes about embracing yourself and being positive about who you are. 

I’ll give this one an honorable mention because she’s not necessarily a fashion blogger, but I do enjoy her posts; Victoria Snooks, known by her blog name “Victoria Kristine,” is much more of a lifestyle blogger. She talks about her life as a mother, her trips, and the recipes that she makes. Her posts are very calming to read, and she is open about her daily life. 

I highly recommend you look and read any of these bloggers’ posts! They’re all very interesting and distinctive in their own ways. I personally love following bloggers, so let me know what your favorite bloggers are! 

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