Fall Accent Staples

We are well into the fall season and my outfits have become more elaborate in order to keep up with the dropping temps! I say elaborate – but all my pieces are a staple in my closet.

I stayed away from actual articles of clothing (shirts, pants, dresses, etc.) and wanted to really highlight the “accent” pieces. I find myself wearing these items on a daily basis and a lot of them add a comfiness I’ve come to appreciate this time of year. Enjoy!

There’s nothing that goes better with a cold autumn day than warm socks…okay coffee. Coffee is at the top of the list, but socks follow close behind! I love the classic knit socks, but I’ve been super into buttons lately too. I think they look best in tall boots, paired with a cute dress and tights.

While on the topic of tights, these are my three favorite pair at the moment! I’ve never been a fan of sweater tights, but I wore them the other day and they were SO cozy! On the other hand, I’m a sucker for patterns as they can really pull an outfit together! Funny story: One time a sweet old man walked up to me and looked at me with a very concerned face while I was wearing the nude heart tights. He stared at my legs trying to figure it out, then realized they were tights with tiny little hearts – he thought there were bugs on my legs!!

Recently, I find myself in a scarf almost every time I walk out the door. They are so cozy, warm and can really bring a classy touch to any outfit. Am I the only one who finds scarves to be a bit comforting in the sense that you can snuggle your nose into them to hide from the wind – or people???? Just kidding. (But am I?)

The middle one is my current favorite because it’s quite a large blanket scarf and gives me Lenny Kravitz scarf vibes every time I wear it…which I love.

These are great earrings for fall because they aren’t too clunky or long – which means they won’t get caught on your scarves! I’m a girl who loves her silver, especially oxidized! It gives a nice rustic touch to your outfit without going over the top.

I haven’t worn hats too often, but I do have a great appreciation for them. During the late winter months I wear them quite a bit. They are again – cozy – and they are an easy fix to a bad hair day. Believe it or not, the two gray hats and the brown pom-pom hat were just 99 cents at Charlotte Russe at the end of the season (2 years ago). It’s crazy – the deals you can find when seasons change! The blue marbled hat was found in the dollar section at Target the same year – and that’s my favorite one!

Through this rambley hat section I have learned that most of my hats have pom-poms – and I mean, I’m not complaining!

The most important part of my fall outfits – beside my scarves – are my boots! My sperry’s are my go-to boot because they look cute with pretty much anything. It’s also been raining a lot so they are perfect for walking around campus.  I like to pair the classic knit socks with these!

These black fringe boots add a bit of flare to an outfit. I like wearing long socks with these, but scrunching them down to just above the top. I feel like this is a classic boot to have in your wardrobe to wear any time of year.

Finally, the suede boots. I get so many compliments on these it’s ridiculous! I found them at Target three years ago and they still look new! I like them because you can scrunch them down to get a pirate look, or keep them tall and pair them with cute socks. This gives a dressier look to any outfit, and the neutral color makes it go with just about anything.

Those are my fall accent staples and things I’ve been wearing a lot recently. I’d love to know what your fall staples are – I’m always searching for great additions to my closet!

Stay cute and cozy friends!