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Fall 2019 Staples

Hello, lovely people! 

I have often mentioned how dearly I love my fall wardrobe. My chunky sweaters and denim jackets bring me a sense of joy that can only be matched with a hazelnut latte. Oftentimes my fall attire comes from local thrift stores or items passed down through my family. I find this method of acquiring clothing is much better for the environment and my wallet, and it typically provides me with my favorite clothing. 

Well, friends, here it is. My favorite fall pieces in my closet.

Disclaimer: I will be mainly featuring sweaters. Typically, I wear black leggings or black jeans with each of these shirts, making it incredibly easy to mix and match. 

To kick off this blog, I am featuring two of my most beloved chunky sweaters. Each of these will go marvelously with a vest, sweater, or jacket. Because these sweaters are high-necked, I often layer a necklace on the outside and wear my hair in some form of an updo. I have found that buns or ponytails accentuate my figure when I wear a shirt with a higher collar, and these two sweaters look best when worn with a messy bun and headband. 

Moving on to the lower cut sweaters. 

I will admit, I love stripes. The first piece is a chunky knit sweater with fringe along the edge, which gives it a more “undone” look. Silver contrasts well with this sweater, and I usually find myself reaching for a dainty silver necklace to wear. Because this is a wide-necked pullover, a necklace that falls closer to the collarbone is preferred so that it may draw attention back to the center of the silhouette. I use the same jewelry method for the blue sweater, however, I tend to lean toward gold tones to help make the blue stand out even more. Each pullover falls at my waist, making it easy to accessorize with a black or gold belt. 

To close, some of my favorite jackets come from local thrift stores. I love bargain hunting, and I ended up buying this denim jacket for $12 when it was originally $50. It falls slightly past my hips, and underneath, I often wear cropped sweaters and shirts. As for the black jacket, it has a few tastefully placed rips in it, offering the perfect amount of destruction. I find that it looks best when dressed down with a hoodie or upscaled with a sweater or blouse. I tend to buy jackets that fall at my hips or longer so that my cropped shirts offer a beautiful contrast in length. I own many more denim jackets, but these are my favorites for the fall.

If an outfit is too dark or needs a hint of color, I either add my blue recycled vans or a yellow hat. If I am feeling adventurous, I will complete the look by wearing both. As for a coat, on very cold days I will wear my black waterproof winter jacket which I bought at ASOS. It falls to my thighs and keeps me warm for hours. 

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So far this fall, one of my favorite styles has been a denim jacket, cropped hoodie, and a yellow hat. It kept me warm in the cold winds of Columbus and offered a stylish, comfortable vibe. 

All of the pieces mentioned can be mixed and matched with many combinations of pants or skirts. They can be dressed down with a simple pair of leggings or dressed up with a jacket and some jewelry. I will often wear my denim jackets with flannels or hoodies underneath, as well as my more comfortable sweaters. Summer pieces can be layered underneath as well if it is a warmer fall day.

Thank you for letting me share some of my fall favorites with you all! I hope you enjoyed.

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