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Facing Uncertainty

Welcome back, everybody! In times like these, everything feels uncertain and scary. As we close another chapter of our lives with the semester ending, the summer can feel like a daunting challenge. Luckily, nobody is alone in feeling that way. 

With the whole world under lockdown, everyone is feeling unsteady right now. Most jobs aren’t secure, internships are falling through, some people are risking their lives, and opportunities are being lost. Losing school work is a blessing and a curse right now; it can be scary to not have tasks guaranteed to keep us busy. But, again, everybody else is in the same boat. 

Feeling like everything is out of your control — or just control in general — is expected right now. You’re allowed to feel overwhelmed when there happens to be a global pandemic. Accepting that feeling is a good first step to being able to live with it. A good second step is to also accept that you aren’t going anywhere. If you don’t have an essential job, you need to stay home, and that’s OK! You’re doing the right thing and understanding that might help your mind relax a little. 

So, now you’re at home; what’s next? Try to use your pent up energy to do some self-discovery. Read new types of books, try your hand at painting, learn a new skill, reorganize your closet, try anything! If one thing is for sure during this, you have some time on your hands. Use your anxiety and turn it into something good if you can. Whatever that thing is that you’ve been wanting to try — crochet, baking, yoga — now is the perfect time to give it a shot! 

It’s a scary time to be productive right now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Letting yourself get bogged down in the uncertainty will only hurt you in the long run. Accept that you cannot control what is happening outside of your home and turn your energy into a new project. This summer seems like an unnerving obstacle because we’re still in front of it, but you can use it to do some amazing things! Stay strong, stay healthy, and stay smart. Good luck on your finals and your summer; I’ll see you all in the fall.

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