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Everyone Is Engaged and I'm Eating Ruffles

This week, I posted a photo on Facebook and Twitter of me eating Ruffles while simultaneously holding a cupcake, which I intended on eating, all while watching Netflix. I’m quite the multi-tasker, not to brag or anything. It’s the perfect representation of how my life is going – food, food, and Netflix.

All of my high school friends are getting engaged and having babies, which is cool, congrats to all of them, but sometimes I forget to turn the burner off on the stove (mom, please do not call me panicking). The idea of having to commit to anything more than a typical relationship or a subscription to Ipsy makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry.

I can’t even commit to a normal sleep schedule.

I’m not degrading young engagements or anything, but it’s just not for me, maybe because I haven’t met the right person. Maybe I swiped left on my future fianc√©-to-be and I don’t have Tinder Plus, so I can’t go back now. There are a lot of possibilities out there for my lack of bling on my left ring finger. Of course, I’m sure I’ll meet someone eventually. When I do, maybe I’ll be getting married before I know it. One of my closest friends is planning on proposing soon. He asked for some help with the engagement ring, he didn’t know whether to get a moissanite ring or a diamond one. Moissanite rings are becoming more and more popular recently, so it’s understandable that he is considering it. Luckily, one of our other friends was able to direct him to this website here to help him learn the differences between diamond and moissanite rings. Maybe that will be me one day, wondering which ring to purchase.


I know I’m still in college and there’s no rush to be getting married, but my palms get super clammy just thinking about having to attend any weddings that require me to have a plus one. Hopefully it’s acceptable to bring my dog.

I’ll probably have to train her not to bark during the objection part because that could get super awkward.

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