Drab to Fab

          Like most college students, the easiest thing to throw on in the morning is a

loose-fitting tee and a nice pair of leggings. But as much as I want to be

comfortable, I also want to look presentable. How might one dress down for

class, but look cute enough to hang out with the ladies at a late lunch? Simple.

You can take that baggy top from drab to fab with just a few short steps and an

extra 30 minutes in your routine.

  1. Add a dainty choker or some cute stud earrings to your look. A simple,

thin, metallic (rose gold, silver or gold) chained choker or matching

earrings will immediately take attention away from your (possibly)

shapeless tee.

  1. Do a light glam with makeup. A shimmery cut crease with some bronzy

or pink tones can bring attention upward to the face. A light glam

consisting of foundation, bronzer or blush, neatly filled brows, a pop of

highlighter, mascara and lip color can not only enhance your natural

beauty, but be a simple way to spark ideas that your leggings and shirt

are a well thought out process to be comfy and stylish.

  1. Braid or straighten your hair before bed. In the morning, brush

your hair and add some dry shampoo to lift your roots. No need for a

messy bun when your hairstyle takes less than 10 minutes, but looks

like you spent half an hour styling in the mirror.

  1. If you do choose to wear a messy bun, or don’t have time to straighten

your hair, a matching headband or bandeau can add a colorful and stylish

touch to your quick and painless hairstyle.

          The extra half hour may seem pointless in the early morning, but with these simple

steps you get time to fully wake up, and you can expect to attract a few compliments

about your super comfy and super cute look!


Jaclyn x Morphe palette used to create a multitude of simple soft glam looks.

Stay tuned for next week’s post where we will be covering prep for the Fall season. Thanks for reading!