Dorm Food: Ramen Hacks

Ramen. A college staple. We all eat it, we all stock up on it with our swipes and we all get tired of it after the first few weeks of school. Searching “ramen hacks” on Google brings up nearly 9 million results, but I have 6 that are my personal standby.

1.Add an egg

Microwaved eggs are gross and rubbery. That is, until you mix them with ramen. Either make scrambled eggs in a ramekin and tear them up to add them in, or add a pre-boiled or packaged hard-boiled egg to get a “traditional” taste.

2. Experiment with seasoning

AKA, throw the seasoning packet away! My favorite spice blend is cumin and curry powder. It makes for a mild curry flavor that’s low sodium and a good changeup from the norm.

3. Cheese it up

Out of instant mac n’ cheese? Add your cheese of choice and butter to your ramen in lieu of the flavor packet for instant easy mac! I personally recommend parmesan or cheddar, as it melts the best.

4. Cook it in broth…

Grabbing a can of chicken broth and cooking the ramen in instantly brings up the flavor profile. Add veggie, beef or even bouillon to have the same effect, all to your taste.

5. …Or add it to soup

I know, it sounds odd.  But nood-less soups are made so much better by noodles, and ramen is a good way to use up cans of unwanted soup by making them new.

6. Add protein

Jerky, tofu, even peanut butter takes ramen and elevates it into a meal. Experiment with dining hall proteins and vegetarian alternatives to find what suits you best.