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Don’t buy the “it bag”! Design YOUR OWN!

Hello lovely, wonderful people! Lately, I have been obsessed with altering my purses and clothing, added my own unique touches to them to give them some one of a kind PIZZAZZ! (Is that really a word? Let’s just go with it because it is a fun word) Anyway, I really enjoy reading up on what the iconic fashion experts are saying about style to get my inspiration! The number one advice given from any fashion expert is this: “The biggest mistake you can make in fashion is not dressing to reflect who you are.” I always try to take this into consideration when I am getting dressed each morning. Plus, when I am dressing as ME it makes me feel more confident and free to be ME, rather than acting like someone I am not. So to my point…When I buy a piece of clothing or an accessory that I like, but it needs a little more pizzazz to really be me, then I will simply add a little of my own unique sprinkle of pizzazz.

My current obsession: PURSES! Rather than spending money on buying the latest “it bag”, I want to share with you how to make a simple bag into your own “IT BAG”!

Disclaimer: I do not know how to sew…so if I can manage to do this so can you! 😉

Purse #1

For this creation, I took a purse I bought from Goodwill and an old gingham belt from a vintage store. I removed the leather strap from the purse, cut the two ends off of the belt and sewed the belt on as the handle of the purse!

I am obsessed with the way this turned out! It was such a simple way to add a little uniqueness to my purse. See…now it’s one of a kind! I love it!

Purse #2

For this one, I took a piece of burlap string and tied a bunch of little strips of fabric on it. I wanted to make the fabric look like tassels hanging.

I flipped the flap of the purse back and stitched the string along the original seam of the purse…and voila! We have another one of a kind purse! This was is perfect for Spring!

I encourage you to get crafty! Channel your inner uniqueness and style! Make something that is so YOU!!

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