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Do you want to have Personal Growth? Focus on These 8 Things

Get your eyes off yourself.

Wait, this doesn’t make sense? I want to have personal growth, but not focus on myself? YEP! We are way too consumed with ourselves. The first step in personal growth is taking your eyes off of yourself. Stop thinking about all the things you want, the way you wish you looked, and just all that selfish stuff. Write it all down, crumple the paper, and throw it away. Growth start from a clean slate.

What are your goals? Are they realistic?

One of the worst feelings is setting a goal and not achieving it. It’s awful. So, take a step back and reconsider your goals. Are you setting the bar so high that you can’t achieve it? This will only bring us down. Set goals that are small and attainable. No, that doesn’t mean you aren’t pushing yourself. YOU ARE! After reaching a slightly smaller goal, set the bar a tad higher…and higher and higher. Growth comes from a SMALL seed, not a full-grown flower!

Who are you surrounding yourself with?

Think about your friends. Think about the people you spend the most time around. Are they the kind of person you want to be? If yes, then you’ve got some wonderful friends and people to look up to. If not…it’s time to start looking for new influences. No, you don’t need to cut your BFF out of your life, but you may want to consider surrounding yourself with people who inspire you, push you, encourage you, and positively influence you. Your vibe attracts your tribe!

Put away your self-pride & learn from others

Yes, it’s not always easy to ask for help. We never want to admit that we need help. But we do…all the time. The only way to start growing is by admitting you are imperfect and seek guidance. Asking for help should be celebrated not looked down upon! If you want to achieve what someone else has achieved, ask them. Seek help. Asking for help allows you to take two steps forward. Whereas not asking for help keeps you stuck in the mud and stops growth from occurring. You are a seed and you need help from water to grow. It’s essential.

Start loving others first. You will love yourself more.

I am not the biggest advocate for “self love! self love!” There is nothing wrong with it…But when I spend too much trying to love myself, it just puts my focus back on “me me me.” Loving ourselves will never really allow us to fully feel loved. The feeling of being loved will not come from yourself, it will come from others. So, by focusing on loving other people, you are going to receive real, lasting love in return.

Start valuing the lessons you learned from your mistakes

Failing the first time is the best. Well, afterward. Because when you fail or make a mistake the first time, you can learn from it, change your approach and try again. It is truly a beautiful thing. Okay, I have another flower metaphor…When a gardener plants a flower and it doesn’t grow, the gardener doesn’t just sit there and wait, or keep trying the same method over and over again. The gardener starts back at square one and takes a new approach until the flower grows.

Stop trying to make things go “your way”

I think something we are all guilty of is being fussy when things do not go our way. I have realized that growth comes from letting go of control, and fully submitting yourself to the process of growth. Do not go against the process…let things happen on there own. Whatever is always meant to be will be. The gardener has to trust that the sun will come up each morning, not force it to come up each. The gardener lets go of control and trusts that the sun will come up.

Grab an accountability partner.

As humans beings, we are not made to do life on our own. We are made to do life together. We need each other. What I have learned is that when I am trying to grow in a certain area, having someone I trust to hold me accountable and check on me is essential. It helps so much. It’s easy to give up when you are alone. But when you have someone to push you and encourage you is what enhances beautiful growth. Yes, a flower can grow on it own, but it needs a gardener to protect it. and make sure it’s growing in the right direction.

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