DIY Pearl-Studded Block Heels

Forget diamonds, pearls are a girl’s best friend! I’m going to walk you guys through my steps to recreate these pearl-studded block-heels.

Inspired by Gucci, these shoes are my solution for a broke college girl whose budget doesn’t have room for shoes costing over $1000. Aldo did much better with a similar pair costing around $65. I knew there was a less-expensive alternative I could create that gave my wardrobe some glam without robbing me clean. For my look I stayed under $30, less than half of the cost of the Aldo shoes.

Materials Needed:
1 pair of shoes

Pearl adhesive gems

Hot glue gun with extra glue sticks


To begin, I found a pair of black suede block-heels. Since this is a DIY, you can choose whatever color, style or material shoe you would like.

The pearl-gems are adhesive so I created a pattern on the shoe, beginning at the heel and moving my way up around the zipper covering the whole back of the shoe. This is a good time to let your hot glue gun heat up!

Once the pattern was to my liking, I took off each pearl one at a time and peeled off the adhesive glue. This might seem trivial, but when using the hot glue it will stick better to the plastic of the pearl versus the adhesive. Continue this process until the shoe is complete.