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DIY Paint Chip Wreath

The temperatures in Ohio have been super warm lately, so I thought a bright, cute DIY project would be a fun way to welcome spring! (I know there’s another entire month until spring ACTUALLY begins…but a girl can dream.)

The great thing about this project is: it costs next to nothing to make!



Materials needed:

  • 2 wire hangers
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • twine
  • 50-60 paint chips
    • NOTE: You need 50-60 leaves. So if you find the paint chips that are divided into four similar colors, then you would need less paint chips – saving paper and money. Don’t throw away the scraps, as you could use them for future crafting sesh’s!
    • SECOND NOTE: I felt a bit guilty picking up this many paint samples, but it turns out a lot of companies don’t discourage this. While they certainly don’t ENcourage it – there are other ways of going about obtaining these. Read about it here! 



CAREFULLY unwind the hanger hook and bend the entire wire into a circle. Re-wind the ends around each other. Repeat this for the second hanger as well.



Fold the desired color paint chip in half and cut a leaf-like semi circle out of it. Be careful not to crease it too harshly because you will cause the color to flake off.



Your final piece should look something like this. Repeat this with as many colors as you want! Your final number of leaves should be somewhere between 50-60.

I decided to make a green ombre wreath, but choose whatever colors or patterns speak to you!



I would honestly be perfectly okay with stopping here and just scattering these cute lil’ leaves about my apartment – because they low-key make me feel like I live in a story book *no shame in that sentence* – but I won’t.



Lay one wire circle on the other and tie together where the wires naturally touch. Make sure to secure them with strong knots and then wrap the twine around the wire as much as you desire.

IMPORTANT: Wrap the sharp ends of the wire as well so they don’t poke anyone! See below.



I ended up LOVING the way this looked and would have wrapped the entire thing if time permitted – the outcome may have been a little different, but I’m eager to try to make a “wicker” wreath out of this brown twine!



Arrange three to four leaves together and hot glue them to the wire. I chose to start on a thicker part of the wreath.



After this I continued working around the wreath, hot gluing leaves on one by one until I achieved the look I was going for. It’s important to note: start out with the bare minimum around the wreath and then go back to fill in places that look bare. I got a bit carried away on the left side, creating a thicker part than the rest of the wreath, but I can always go back and fill those in!

It’s also important to say that you don’t have to cut them all the same size, nor do they have to be perfectly aligned when gluing them on. In fact, the offset leaves add a bit of life to it.



You could definitely add other cute things to this project like little twigs (as I experimented with above), fruit, fake animals or even a name plate in the middle. Totally customizable to your taste!



This was my final product and although I will probably go back and fill in the parts that look a little bare, I LOVE how it turned out! Super cheerful and it will make my dining table look a bit more home-y.

Happy Tuesday y’all!

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