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DIY: What’s the sitch with cross-stitch?

By Hannah Pridemore

Staff Writer

As the semester comes to a close, the much-awaited free time can seem like a nice reprieve from the chaos of the past few months. The first few days will be blissfully light without any stress about due dates or assignments, but eventually boredom will take over. Between playing Animal Crossing and trying your hand at TikTok trends, picking up a new skill like embroidery can be a helpful way to fill the free space in your days. It doesn’t have to be super complex and can be used as wall art and make for cute personalized gifts.


·  Embroidery hoop(s)

·  Fabric

·  Needles

·  Scissors

·  Embroidery Thread

·  Pencil or Pen


1. Sketch or trace the desired letter onto the fabric in any font.

2. Bring the needle and thread up through the bottom of the fabric at the top of the design.

3. Bring the needle back down through the fabric. This is one stitch.

4. Repeat step 2, but leave a gap about the size of a grain of rice between the first stitch and the start of the new stitch.

5. Repeat step 3, but put the needle through the gap created in step 4. This should create a straight line.

6. Repeat until done.

That’s how to create a hand-embroidered letter using a backstitch.

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