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DIY: Face Masks

There are soooo many facial cleansing products and brands out there that I never know what to choose. Most facial products contain ingredients like: synthetic colors, fragrances, sulfates, and a bunch of other chemicals that I have no idea about.

With such sensitive skin, I look for products with the most natural ingredients. The downfall of this however, is the cost. Organic, all-natural products can get pricey. My recent obsession with face masks has got me thinking…and experimenting in my kitchen.

Something I love about making my own face masks is being able to mix the correct ingredients for my skin troubles. It doesn’t hurt to know exactly what is in it either!

exfoliating: coffeecoffee

1 tsp coffee grounds,

1 1/2 tsp milk (2%, whole, or raw).


thick not pasty,

if hard to work with

add more milk,

let sit for 3-5 min,

do over sink, messy,

rinse with cold water

exfoliate in a circular motion

to remove any dead skin.


brightening: turmericturmeric

3 tsp raw oats,

1 squeeze fresh lemon juice,

2 tsp Manuka honey,

1/2 tsp turmeric.

15-20 min.

rinse with warm water.

remove yellow tint by washing thoroughly, using sulfur soap afterward or remove with witch hazel.


rosehydrating: honey-rose 

2 Tbsp greek yogurt,

1 tsp raw honey,

3-4 drop pure rose hip seed oil (organic):

mix in bowl,

apply to skin, let sit for 10-20 min,

rinse with cool water and pat dry.

warm 2-3 drops rose hip seed oil between palms and press onto face and neck.


charcoaldetoxing: charcoal

3 capsules activated charcoal,

3-4 drops tea tree oil,

1 tsp witch hazel.

Mix in ceramic bowl with metal spoon or cotton swab,

apply to face allowing it to dry 10-15 min.

Can be used as a spot treatment.

Rinse thoroughly until face is clear,

damp wash cloth, follow up with witch hazel to remove any access,

moisturize/toner after.

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