DIY Cacti Paint Scrape

Hello lovelies!

Today I have a fun little art project to share! I love this activity because it’s cute AND super simple. I used it in this tutorial to make a card, but I love how it turned out so I may even make a bigger one to frame.

Before we get started – I’d like to apologize for the lower (than normal) quality of photos in this post. I tried something new and well…it…didn’t work. So – bare with me through this one!

To start us off here’s a nice little supply list!

Step 1

I folded my 5.5″ by 8.5″ mixed media paper in half to create a small card. Tape it down to a hard surface to prevent it from moving throughout the process! Make sure you use a lightweight tape (washi or masking) in order to keep the paper from tearing.

Step 2

Drip your paint onto the top of the paper to create small droplets. For my cacti, I used different shades of green – but you can use whatever colors you want! I liked placing them on different planes to make the cacti look like they’re different sizes. (TBH I actually could have been a little more dramatic on this part!)

Step 3

With an old card, start ABOVE the paint (you want to be scraping the paper before you hit the paint), and press hard while pulling the card down. You may want to do this standing up while the card is on a table. (Mine turned out a bit wavy because I didn’t have the right leverage.)

Step 4

Once your paint has dried, add your own flare! I added different colored needles. I also added lines to create shape.

Step 5

I added an EXTREMELY SIMPLE banner under my cacti. (Some may not even call it a banner!) I think a pot would be cute, maybe some sand or even other smaller succulents!

Finally, you can add some lettering to the front of your card – or keep it simple with just the cacti! I used white paint and made my own letter stencil out of a cool font I found online! (DIY to come) You can find some normal ones through the link in the supply section at the top! I’m a “succa” for puns – so this just felt right.

Hope you enjoyed this easy DIY as much as I did!

To find other ways to use the paint scrape technique, head over to Persia Lou and see my inspiration for this project! She does it completely different and her result is beautiful!

Thanks for reading!