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De-Stressing in a Stressful World

Stress. It’s a little word that holds immense power over humankind. 

Between midterms, jobs, and a social life, students can be overcome with anxiety and the pressure to do well. For those who are past their young adult years, job and family pressures can often cause immense tension in their lives. 

For the times that the world does become a little too much to handle, it is important to remember helpful coping mechanisms so that all sanity is not lost. 

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My favorite way to control my stress level is to hit the gym. Getting your body active also aids the activity of your mind. Personally, a higher heart rate helps bring me clarity and focus. It also releases all of my negative emotions toward whatever I am facing. After a weightlifting or cardio session, I often feel ready to conquer whatever tasks lie ahead.

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If lifting weights or cardio isn’t your strong suit, another personal favorite is yoga. Today, with all of the different styles of yoga, it shouldn’t be hard to find a class you like. Hot yoga helps to release toxins, while Yin yoga helps to relax your body. The body can harbor tense muscles during times of stress, so being able to stretch and practice constructive breathing can aid in relaxation. 

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Moving away from physical activity, I love to journal. Journaling helps to calm me and organize everything that I am facing in my life. It also grounds me, keeping me from becoming utterly lost in my thoughts. The same goes for lists; I LOVE lists. Any time I can visualize what I have to accomplish, it instantly helps to calm any building anxiety.

Realizing the importance of taking a break – physically and mentally – is a necessity. Hopefully, some of these ideas aid whoever may be reading this post. 

Have a joyous and wonderful week!

A note: Please always remember that if things reach a point beyond your control, there are professionals to help who are often a phone call away.

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