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Confronting Confrontation

Welcome back, everyone! Since we’re all stuck inside for a while, people might be bumping heads with who they’re living with. Whether it’s your family or your roommates, this can be a difficult time for conflict resolution. Luckily, everybody is in the same boat right now. 

When you spend a lot more time with people than normal, emotions are bound to get a little hectic. Tensions are going to rise, and the most important thing to remember is that it’s OK! You’re allowed to get irritated with each other; there needs to be room for that annoyance because trying to ignore or contain will only lead to resentment. 

So, when those problems do come up, remember to be honest. Confrontation can be scary and overwhelming before it happens, but once you have those conversations you’ll feel much better. Even if the outcome isn’t what you wanted, getting those feelings off your chest will bring you relief. You don’t need to be aggressive to make your point, just speak from the heart. 

Maybe the most important part of confronting people that are close to you is respect. Respect is a two-way street. When you come to those that you love, you have to be respectful. It could initially be hard for them to hear, but the more respectful you are the more receptive they will be. However, you also need to remember that you deserve respect. Standing up for yourself is OK. There is nothing wrong with wanting consideration, especially when we are all spending way more time together than we bargained for. 

Another good rule of thumb for conflict resolution is to keep in mind how difficult it can be when you’re on the receiving end. When someone comes to you to air some grievances, give them the respect that they deserve too. Try to be as receptive as you would want them to be if the roles were reversed. Be honest with them too; open conversation is the only way both of you will feel better. 

This is a crazy, hectic time for everyone. Remember that it’s OK to be annoyed with whomever you’re sharing your space with. Just be respectful, on both sides, and be honest. I hope everyone is staying safe and making smart decisions. See you all next week!

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