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Coconut Oil, The Miracle Worker

Hello & Happy Friday everyone! I was blessed with exams every single day for the past four days, so my post is pretty laid-back this week. When I got out of the shower this morning and started going through my daily routine, I thought that a post focusing on Coconut Oil would be a brilliant idea. Plus, I’ve been wanting to share my love for this multipurpose product for awhile now, so here I go!

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I have become quite the coconut oil fanatic. Seriously, try pinteresting this stuff and tell me that you aren’t intrigued. Some of you may be really confused as to what I’m talking about, so I’ll explain. Coconut oil is simply an all natural product, which can be used as a cheap alternative to expensive beauty products and cooking & cleaning products. I first used it about two years ago, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized how much I really love this stuff.

Below are five ways that I incorporate Coconut Oil into my routine:


Holy soft! Coconut oil is known for leaving the skin refreshed, healed & moisturized. Unlike typical moisturizers, coconut oil doesn’t just soak in & leave your skin dry and flaky. It moisturizes the skin so well that no products can even compete! I’ve been using it as a face moisturizer day & night. It’s also really good for anyone with troubled skin, especially acne, because of its inflammatory properties. Try it out ASAP.


Seriously conditions your hair like no other. Coconut oil smoothes hair and aids in breakage prevention & split ends. You can use it on dry or damp hair. I apply coconut oil right when I get out of the shower, focusing on the ends of my hair, then working throughout the rest. I notice that when using just the right amount, which is less than a quarter size, my hair stays conditioned & shiny, without feeling or looking greasy. It’s also really awesome for frizz control.

Hair Mask

Mix up an at-home coconut oil & honey hair mask & smooth it through your hair. Let it sit on hair for 30 minutes, then wash as you normally would. There are so many variations of masks that you can whip up using coconut oil, however this one works for my hair.

Lip Balm

When your lips are dry & cracked and you can’t find your chapstick, coconut oil saves lives…I mean lips. For a scrub, mix coconut oil with sugar & honey for much needed exfoliation.

Teeth Whitener

Coconut oil is a natural toothpaste. Mix a little with baking soda and brush away. Even better, try oil pulling. Oil Pulling is when you swish around a tablespoon of oil in you mouth for up to 20 minutes. Doing this 4-7 times a week creates a brighter, whiter smile. Some people also use oil pulling to prolong the results of whitening treatments similar to those offered by a Dentist in La Habra. And remember, even if you are whitening your teeth it is still important that you take time to visit your dental practice every six months so that they can evaluate your oral health.

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