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Closet Organization Tips

Organizing a closet can often be tiresome and end up in a mess. I know that sometimes when I try to rearrange my closet it ends up looking worse than when I started. While I didn’t figure out the perfect system by any means, I have several tips that have helped me.

Organize your closet by most worn. What I mean by this is that I will put the clothes I wear the most in the middle of my closet. This is so that whenever I open my closet, the first thing that I see are the clothes I typically wear. For me, personally, it works when I’m at home because my closet there is bigger. However, it can help when you’re at a rush at school and need to grab something off your rack right away!

The clothes that I would typically wear are in the middle of the photo while the clothes that I don’t normally wear are to the side.

Organize your closet by the type of clothes. I’ll put my jackets, cardigans, and flannels in one section, and my tank tops and tube tops will go in another so that I know what section I’m looking at when I need to pick out my clothes.

My jackets, flannels, and cardigans are all pushed to the right side of my closet. My T-shirts go next, then my tank tops and so on.

Hang up your jeans, shorts, and skirts. I don’t do this in my dorm, but at home I have a lot more hangers to do this with. That way, it empties out some drawers for undergarments, socks, and anything else. I normally put my skirts and shorts in a section together and my jeans in another back home. I have more room in my dresser for items that I don’t want in my closet anymore and haven’t gotten rid of yet.

Since my closet is too small at my dorm, this is what I normally do with my bottoms. I then organize them further based on whether they’re jeans, skirts, or shorts.

Put the shoes you barely wear in the back. It helps me to put my most worn shoes in the front because I know I’ll be wearing them. I normally put shoes like sandals, heels, or any other shoes for special occasions in the back.

I don’t typically wear my heels, so that’s why I put them in the back of my closet rather than my Vans.

Of course, no matter how organized I try to be, sometimes my closet ends up messy. Hopefully, though, these tips helped you make your closet a little neater or cleaner!

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