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Clipped In

Photo By: Caroline Bossa

Fashion has a way of recycling itself. In the mid-’90s, it was not uncommon to see large clips securing everyone’s hair. Now, two decades later, there is a claw clip contagion spreading to college campuses and beauty stores everywhere. It is with great pleasure that we welcome back the ’90s claw clip.

Since the beginning of her career, Jennifer Aniston has been known for her ’90s and early ’2000s silky hairstyles. She stunned us all with the “Rachel” haircut. One of her most popular looks resided in the versatility of the claw clip. The mechanics of the clip make it extremely simple to use: pinch the clip to open the teeth and release the spring to secure the look.

Whether a bad hair day caused by unruly frizz or disappointing flatness, a claw clip is a trustworthy accessory. Anyone who owns a claw clip would agree: this accessory should come with every first-aid kit. Unlike most hair accessories, claw clips serve diverse hair densities and textures. Someone with extremely thin, straight hair may turn to a tiny clip, while someone with thick, curly hair may prefer a banana clip: a giant claw clip extending nearly the full length of one’s head.

As casual as a claw clip may be, celebrities do not refrain from using this staple. Most recently, celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and even Harry Styles wear claw clips in public with the utmost pride. These clips style hair any way one’s heart desires. Some celebrities wear claw clips with a dress or even the most casual t-shirt and sweats. A loosely secured style can serve as an easy-going look, while a French twist leans on the classy side. Some may even use a clip to secure only the top half of their hair, creating a wide variety of styling opportunities.

With the seemingly endless benefits, it is no surprise that the versatile claw clip is making its big debut as the accessory of the year. Through thick and thin; through bad hair days and even the best hair days; claw clips are making a comeback, and there are no complaints.

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