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Celeb Style: Meg Thee Stallion

By Riley Runnells

Staff Writer

Megan Thee Stallion is arguably one of the only highlights of 2020. Between her iconic “hot girl” tagline, millions of Tik Tok videos sampling her songs, and earning the number one slot on the charts with “WAP,” Megan has definitely had a successful year.

Like her hit single, Megan’s wardrobe is “Savage.” Other than promoting her music and posting for her several ambassador roles for Savage x Fenty and Revlon, Megan uses her Instagram to show off her striking styles. Typically, Megan goes for brighter colors or monochromatic blacks and grays. If it’s tight-fitting and curve-friendly, queen Meg is rocking it.

The rapper is typically seen wearing extravagant ensembles, varying from gothic biker looks, to a frilly spice girl, and everything in between. The looks typically count on loud patterns and cropped or low-cut tops. She pairs them with lavish nail designs that she takes care to have done frequently, sleek hairstyles, like straightened with a clip or slicked into a ponytail, and natural-looking makeup she does herself.

Her iconic style has garnered a lot of attention from the fashion and beauty world. Megan has fronted campaigns for Savage x Fenty and is currently the Revlon global brand ambassador. She also recently announced a collaboration with Fashion Nova to create jeans for all the “tall hot girls.” The ripped, ombre jeans in her Instagram post about the collaboration are the first sample of the jeans she’s creating to specifically tailor to tall women, so their denim fits their curves and legs.

Megan is by far the most iconic female rapper to come on the scene in a while. She’s branded herself as this take-charge, strong woman who isn’t afraid to stick up for what or who she believes in. Her fashion reflects her boldness, and no one can ever call her a follower, but rather a 100% trend-setter.

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