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Celeb Style: Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa is known for her husky vocals, her second studio album “Future Nostalgia”, and her no-holds-barred style. She makes red carpet attire Vogue cover-worthy and her streetwear is always on point. Her ethereal, positive presence is further reflected through her stunning, colorful fashion choices. 

It’s hard to put Lipa’s personality and music style into words, as she’s constantly changing and evolving. Her fashion sense follows suit, bringing flashes of cottagecore, VSCO-chic, Y2K, baddie vibes, and everything in between. Her most notable looks typically include a midsection slit, mini dresses, or jeans and cute tops. But most notable here is loosely used, as it does not include her unforgettable red carpet fashion and can’t ever fully encapsulate her true sense of style.

The Albanian-Brit started her music career at 14, where she was covering songs by other artists on YouTube. Lipa gained mainstream fame with her single “New Rules,” which landed high on the U.K. and U.S. charts. Initially, Lipa rocked more of a sporty-meets-Lady Gaga style, with fitted t-shirts and skirts offset by outlandish dress and shoe combinations. However, as her sound and persona evolved, so did the sleek nature of her fashion sense. With the “Future Nostalgiaera, Lipa became the pinnacle of a fashion influencer.

Between her personal style and her red carpet/music video looks, Lipa hasn’t forgotten her sporty roots. In November 2020, Lipa announced her partnership with Puma as the headliner for Puma’s “She Moves Us” campaign, which aims to empower and connect women through sports and culture. Her announcement came with pictures of herself sporting the athletic wear. Puma also sponsored her “Studio 2054” virtual performance, where she wore some looks from the company. 

Lipa always looks put together. If she’s wearing a black power suit, it’s met with idyllic shoes, jewelry, a purse, and a slick hairstyle. Arguably the most impactful, yet most subtle, part of her outfits are the accessories she pairs. Without them, the outfit would just not be as fitting to Lipa’s style. Between her ambassador position with Puma, her red carpet fashion, and her ever-changing street style, Lipa is an ideal example of a musician who understands the true complexity of fashion.

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