In Good Fashion: Samara

By Hannah Pridemore Staff Writer As minimalism and eco-friendly companies are on the rise, it’s no surprise that these ideals have made their way to the handbag industry. As a token collectible item, wouldn’t it be nice to know that the bags collecting dust on the shelves when they’re out of season are going to […]

Back of the Closet: Don’t Sweat It, Cozy to Couture

By Jylian Herring Staff Writer What does a typical work-from-home outfit look like? Has anyone found an acceptable way to pair a blazer with plaid pajama bottoms yet, or button-downs with boxers? Instead of dwelling on the new working environment, celebrate it by getting creative with work-from-home outfits. Leisure and loungewear have changed the fashion […]

Celeb Style: Travis Scott

By Riley Runnells Staff Writer Travis Scott is one of the most notable rappers of this generation. With numerous Grammy Award nominations, a Billboard Music Award win, and his relationship and child with media personality Kylie Jenner, Scott is well known in many circles. With his level of influence, it’s no surprise that Scott’s style […]

Celeb Style: Meg Thee Stallion

By Riley Runnells Staff Writer Megan Thee Stallion is arguably one of the only highlights of 2020. Between her iconic “hot girl” tagline, millions of Tik Tok videos sampling her songs, and earning the number one slot on the charts with “WAP,” Megan has definitely had a successful year. Like her hit single, Megan’s wardrobe […]

Runway Realway: Lirika Matoshi

By Hannah Pridemore Staff Writer The iconic strawberry dress: everyone knows it, everyone’s seen it, and celebrities and animated characters alike have all been drawn wearing it. But what about the designer and the other pieces she’s worked on? Lirika Matoshi, born in Kosovo, relocated to New York City and started her fashion career in […]

Runway Realway: Teuta Matoshi

By Hannah Pridemore Staff Writer While her sister has recently gained popularity as her strawberry dress went viral, Teuta Matoshi has been designing professionally since 2007, about nine years before her little sister started. Starting out with coats, (which quickly sold out,) Matoshi has since branched out to a more feminine and romantic aesthetic for […]

The Best Reality TV Shows to Binge Right Now, According to a Reality-TV Lover

Reality TV has been a love of mine since birth (yes, seriously, “Big Brother” started the year I was born… thanks, mom). So let’s dive into the best reality TV shows to start out with! Love Is Blind This one is fun and actually very different in the reality TV world. The concept follows a […]

New York Fashion Week 2020 Fall Ready-To-Wear

Well, it’s that time of year again; it’s fashion week! There’s nothing I love to do more than watching show after show for you all so that you don’t have to. This week, we head to New York City to take a look back at all the Fall and Winter 2020 Ready-To-Wear collections. Oftentimes I […]