All About Sustainable Fashion

Discussions about global warming, climate change, and pollution are now happening in our dining halls, our classrooms, and even in crowded bars. For a few years now, the fashion industry especially has come under fire for the constant damage it does to the environment. According to a report by Forbes, the fashion industry is the […]

Workwear Essentials for Internships

So, you’ve finally scored that summer internship! Everyone back home has congratulated you and you’ve already started preparing for your move, but your wardrobe is packed with black leggings and blue jeans. While this might be appropriate attire for early morning classes and drinks on Court Street – it might make a couple of eyes […]

Women’s History Month

It’s mid-March and Women’s History Month is in full swing. Around the country there are events to support and empower women. Whether it’s an exhibit on women in the arts or a day of honoring women in STEM fields, it’s bound to be a month full of events you’ll want to get involved in. National […]