Dorm Food: Finals Week Roundup

Finals week is upon us, bringing with it all the built-up stress from the year, piles of final projects and studying to be done, and lines out the door at the lib and the coffee shops. It’s hard to stay on track and remember to eat (and eat healthily!) in the midst of all that […]

Humans of New York: The Series

Whether you love it or you hate it, we’ve all come to have an opinion on the great state of New York. Within that state, we create the most opinions of New York City. On one side, some people think that NYC is filled with callous attitudes and cold people filling the streets as they […]

Quick Ab Routine

There’s always time to do a quick ab routine. The below exercises can be done in your bedroom or dorm room and are a great go-to if your need a break from homework or quick boost of energy. You don’t need the gym or equipment for numerous ab exercises. Although I show a couple of […]

Pearl Obsession

I am sure you have seen the increased amount of clothing pieces that contain a pearl embellishment. Pearl detail is another example of embroidery, just a more dimensional one. This old style trend has been reinvented by different designers time after time. Now the trend has come back with a more contemporary vibe. This is a […]

Going Vegan in College

According to recent reports, 3.5% of Americans are living a vegan lifestyle. That’s about 7 million people, 1 million of which are college students. With numbers like that, more and more colleges are looking to increase and better their vegetarian and vegan options, and many are making real strides towards that goal. However, is it […]

Comprehensive Running Watch Review

It’s the week after Thanksgiving and now is a great time to run off all of that pumpkin pie! Over the past week I ran with three different running watches that all have strengths and weaknesses. Below I rated characteristics of these watches like fit, data collection and presentation, waterproof capabilities and batter life. If […]

Statement Sleeves

A huge fashion trend that is continuously showing up during Fashion Week runways is the statement sleeve. It has made its return in the 2017 fall Fashion Week and is a trend we should all jump on.  Statement sleeves? Think tiered, flared, ruffled, or even balloon-shaped. The possibilities are endless and you can continue to be […]