“… is that the New Year’s Eve ball?” I asked to no one in particular, pointing to the closest thing that resembled a tiny crystal sphere. Above the lights and screens of Times Square, it was hidden in the shadows so much that you could almost miss it. The famous New Year’s Eve ball was supposedly […]

The Choice to Live a Fit Lifestyle – Even While Being a Busy Bee

Since my college career began in the fall of 2015, there have been many options of how I could choose to go about each day. Of course I had a class schedule, school organization meetings/projects, and made sure I had time to complete assignments, but setting aside time in my day to hit the gym […]

6 Ways to Stay Organized This Semester

Ah, college. This lovely, exciting, life-changing thing that can really challenge the ability to stay organized. At the beginning of every semester, I map out a strategic plan to keep me on track, and by week three, my planner barely makes it out of my backpack. Not to mention, my drawer full of post-it’s, binder clips, […]