Women’s History Month

It’s mid-March and Women’s History Month is in full swing. Around the country there are events to support and empower women. Whether it’s an exhibit on women in the arts or a day of honoring women in STEM fields, it’s bound to be a month full of events you’ll want to get involved in. National […]

Homemade Hummus

It’s 2018, who doesn’t love hummus? The staple snack for the modern home. Most of us have enjoyed this amazing Mediterranean dip, but it can be fairly expensive at the supermarket. However, I still haven’t found a pre-made hummus that stands up to the local Lebanese place causing me a lot of disappointment every time […]

How to Henna

Whether it is a traditional South Asian wedding or the Coachella Music Festival – henna has become one of the most popular forms of body art. These temporary tattoos that are also known as ‘mehendi’ in some cultures are painless brown patterns that last on your body for one to two weeks. “My grandma used […]

BBQ Chickpea Sliders

Last month I hosted a small Grammys watch party. There were chips and vegan cookies. But thinking that my loved ones may be in need of a little more substance, (let’s remember that the Grammys graces us with at least three hours of awards and performances) I decided to make a small meal for everyone. I’ve […]

How to Style Your Hijab for Class

With the recent celebration of World Hijab Day women across the globe shared what their relationship with their hijab is like on social media. Those who wear it everyday spoke about their experiences and those who wear it sometimes expressed how it made them feel. For women, it is not only a religious or cultural […]