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Care Bears, But Make It Fashion

Hi, everybody! Lately, I’ve been feeling very colorful and bright. But unlike what you’ve seen so far, it’s a more airy sort of brightness. So today, I’ve managed to put together the outfit of my pretty pastel dreams! Below I’ve included my flat lay for this look, so you can take a peek at the pieces that I used.

For this look, the theme is obviously going to be about color; but the most important aspect is the balance of colors. The focal point of the outfit is this super cute Sugar Thrillz In Your Dreams Thermal Romper from Dolls Kill. To keep the balance of the outfit intact, I chose to include the equally bright Qozmo Aiire Pastel Sneakers from Y.R.U., which I will delve into in a moment. Since both the top and bottom of this outfit are so extreme, I thought it would be wise to break up the colors with something a bit more plain. Because purple is the least represented color between the top and the shoes, I chose to pair the outfit with a purple suspender skirt.

Quick product review! This romper is amazing. When it first arrived it was a bit scratchy, but after I washed it once it became very comfortable. The colors are so vivid, and those little heart-shaped buttons are a cute touch. The buttons came a little loose, but it wasn’t anything some quick hand sewing couldn’t solve. It’s warm enough for fall, but somehow cool enough for summer, and it can be dressed up or down easily. It is no longer listed on the Dolls Kill website, but it retails on Poshmark and Depop between $20 and $38. The sizing on this item is interesting as well. While I generally fluctuate between a size medium and large, given the stretchy material, I easily fit into a small. If you go this route and you have larger chest, however, I would just suggest tightening up the buttons at the top.

I know that you’re curious about the shoes, so I’ll cover that now! These shoes, while colorful, have a trick up their sleeve: they light up!

The light alternates between green, pink, and blue! I love these shoes. So now, obviously:

Quick product review! As I said, I adore these shoes. While they’re from Y.R.U., I got them through the Dolls Kill website. They retail for $130, but because of frequent sales, you could get them discounted at $105 like I did. These are very high-quality, sturdy shoes. Right away I could tell because they’re fairly heavy, and the stitching was really nice. So don’t worry, you’re getting what you pay for. They run true to size, but they don’t come in half sizes. If you regularly wear a half size, it would be better to size up rather than down.

Accessories elevate almost any outfit, and I’ll live and die by that statement. So, naturally, once I had the basics down, I opened my two sock drawers and began pulling out anything colorful. I ended up deciding on a pair of candy heart socks that I bought at Claire’s. I chose these because the color was broken up by white, which paired well with the white choker I’d picked out. I then decided to tie my hair up with a standard rainbow scrunchy and added some fluffy blue earrings; both of these accessories were also from Claire’s.

So, it’s about time for the final look! Because no colors had been underrepresented in the outfit, I chose to go a simple route for the makeup, and I tried my best to execute a pink, aqua, and purple shimmer eyeshadow gradient. Other than that, I kept it pretty standard. I also made two small changes to the look: I switched out one blue earring for a purple one, just for a little more pizzazz, and I ended up removing the choker altogether because I realized it didn’t suit the look as well as I thought it would.

And here it is! I love these types of looks, and I’m happy I have an outlet to talk in detail about them. I hope you all enjoy!

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