Can’t Resist the Resistance Band

I’ve found an affordable way to keep my workouts exciting and beneficial by purchasing a resistance band! Over the summer I decided to buy one off of Amazon because I watched many fitness experts use them in workouts and I used resistance bands during physical therapy for my knee. It occurred to me that resistance bands create less stress on your bones and joints during a workout than weights do, while still strengthening and toning muscle groups.

I love that I can incorporate a resistance band into the exercises I typically do and in many cases it replaces weights. The band keeps my workouts challenging and I don’t need to use weights. A resistance band is a practical purchase because they’re super easy to take with you anywhere and you can choose the level on resistance you want when you buy one.

The lower body resistance band workout below is exercises I’ve done with or without a band. Using the band, I’ve noticed a difference in my range of motion when exercising and my strength.

Fit Tip: Complete 3 sets of 12 repetitions to get the most out of the workout. Take about a 30 second break in between sets because you’ll be burnin’.


  1. Donkey Kicks – This builds your glute and hamstrings. I recommend doing this on a mat or soft surface. Be sure to keep your back flat. Add some straight leg pulses on each side for more toning.
  2. In and Out Sumo Jumps – Burn fat and increase your heartrate! I feel this exercise in my abs and lower body, so you’ll get some ab action here as well.
  3. Bent Over Abductor – Bending over helps keep your balance more and focuses on the outer muscle of your glutes. Make sure your back stays flat and to bend the opposite leg not doing the exercise.
  4. Step Ups – Step up on a bench or box with one leg while extending the other away from your body. Hold the weight down at all times close to your body.
  5. Lunges – One of my favorite lower body exercises in general! The resistance band pumps up my glutes, quads and hamstrings.
  6. Squat with Abductor – Keep your back straight and stance wide. Lower into a squat, pop up and alternate which leg to elevate away from your body.


Here’s the band I bought on I have light resistance!