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Campus Casual: Ways to Enjoy Fall While Staying at Home

By Jadyn Profitt

Staff Writer

Quarantine Fall, Your New Favorite Season!

This fall may be different than usual, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be better than ever! Have no fear, there are still some fun ways to enjoy fall at home. Here is a quick list of activities for all the spooky season lovers out there!

Pumpkin Decorating

If you have yet to chisel through a seed-loaded pumpkin, now is as good of a time as ever. Not only will your flashy jack-o’-lantern make for a great fall and Halloween decoration, but it’s just the thing to get you into full spooky season mode. Simply sketch out a spooky face on the pumpkin and carve away. Not into the gooey mess of carving? No problem– grab some paint and unleash your inner artist!

At-Home “Theater

One of the biggest components of fall is, of course, Halloween! Quarantine and social distancing has most of us staying home, which means no scary movie nights at the theater. The classic way to enjoy a movie at home is to snuggle up on a comfy couch with snacks and popcorn. However, a fun way to spice up movie night is to invest in a projector! Grab some pals, hang up a white sheet, and stream your favorite scary movie with any compatible device. 

Fall Photoshoot

Who doesn’t love putting together cute new outfits? This fall is a special one, and we are here for it. For the first time in history, almost everyone has gone digital. Whether it be working from home or online schooling, this fall has taught people the importance of community. That being said, this year is definitely one to remember. Slap together some photo-worthy outfits and find your favorite spot in town, or even your backyard. Invite over a friend or use the self-timer – no shame in self photography – and pose. Now you have an excuse to wear that new piece you’ve been saving for just the right time.

Autumn Delights

Yes, I mean s’mores and apple cider. Fall is a great time to enjoy a campfire with some friends and family, but these sweet treats make it even better. To create the most delicious s’more, begin by roasting a marshmallow over a fire. Now, smash that marshmallow between two graham crackers and add your favorite chocolate candy. It’s that easy! Not to mention, a warm cup of apple cider to top off the campfire hangout.

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