Caffeine Boost: Court Street Coffee

Midterm week is almost synonymous with coffee. All-nighters, early mornings and study dates are never complete without a caffeine boost (or three), and it nearly runs in many peoples blood by the end of testing.

I have a few mainstay coffee shops on campus, based on where I am and what I need. Court Street Coffee was a late find from my freshman year, but now when I need something that errs on the side of sweet, it is my go-to stop. Their “frappuccino” style drinks are my favorite pick-me-up on especially rough days, and the general atmosphere of the shop is cozy and feels like something from my hometown. Plus, it’s the closest to Schoonover center, so when I am in a rush it’s the best place to stop by!

Speaking of bad days, I decided to cover Court Street this week following a messy start to the week on Monday. I had never gotten a large from there before, and it was WAY larger than expected, much to my excitement.

Their large is literally bigger than my head! No complaints here.

I tried a frozen Irish Creme Mocha the first visit and I can highly recommend it. To me, it almost tasted like a smores frappuccino, and it was a great mix up from my usual black coffee.

The one drink that keeps popping up all over campus is chaider, a delicious mix of chai and apple cider that screams fall. It seemed like the natural choice to try for my second round at Court Street, despite the lack of lovely fall weather. My friend who was with me got an equally lovely mocha. Both of us have been desperately waiting for fall to come, and this was a perfect way to fake it until our wishes come true.

Chaider is so much better than the hype leads on; it’s a well-balanced, slightly spicy drink that is best when warm and fresh. It blows the battalions of pumpkin spice products far, far away. It may not be coffee or overly caffeinated, but it doesn’t need to be when it tastes like fall in a cup. The mood boost and the flavor are worth skipping the caffeine for!