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Bump it Back

It’s 5 p.m. on an average school night and Nickelodeon’s endless infomercials seem like they’ll never give way to “iCarly”. Then … “Are you tired of flat, boring hairstyles?” a voice asks over a theatrical shriek. Soon enough, glowing before and after footage has you considering if you, too, should “bump it up with Bumpits.” 

The early 2010s had many memorable hair trends. With Bumpits, hair chalk, and feathers, there was never a dull moment in the school hallways. Looking back may invoke feelings of major regret, but at the time, those trends were the pinnacle of style, and no one could tell us any different. 


Bumpits are hair inserts designed to give hair the illusion of having volume at the crown. The contraption had 13-year-olds looking like middle-aged southern belles, but Beyoncé and Hilary Duff were rocking the look, so it easily caught on. There was also a Hollywood Bumpit that took the trend to a new height, but everyone silently agreed to pretend that didn’t exist. The everyday spinoff of this style was simply The Bump — no hair insert needed — and it involved bobby pins, a lot of hairspray, and glitter eyeshadow. Nowadays, except maybe at a dance or cheer competition, it’s unlikely to find today’s teens rocking a hair bump.

Hair Chalk

Hair Chalk was a fun way to temporarily “dye” hair for those blessed with a mane light enough to properly display the bright colors. Fans of Hayley Williams — then known only as ‘the lead singer of Paramore’ — could slide orange chalk down their hair and feel a little bit edgier. Technically, color highlights never went out of style, and hair chalk still has its loyalists. However, there are now a plethora of better temporary hair dye options on the market. One of those options is Poser Paste from Good Dye Young, a vegan and cruelty-free company co-founded by the aforementioned queen of vibrant hair, Williams herself.


Kesha, Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne, your best friend — who didn’t have a feather in their hair? Feather hair extensions could be clipped, glued, or fastened into anyone’s hair. Because the feathers came in different sizes, patterns, and colors, people could express themselves individually while still jumping on the bandwagon. As the feathers fell out of growing strands, the trend fell out of the spotlight as well. The world may never know why hair feathers were so exciting for such a specific period of time, but having a feather really had everyone feeling like the main character.

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