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Breaking Through the Roadblocks

Welcome back, everyone! The semester is coming to an end, and we know all too well the stresses that come with it. With projects, papers, and presentations looming over our heads, it’s easy to hit roadblocks. Here are some of my tricks to finding a detour through those pesky problems. 

When you find yourself staring at a blinking cursor and your eyes keep darting to your phone, there are a number of things that you can try. The one tip you’ve probably heard a million times is to reward yourself as you go. It’s common advice, but it isn’t without its merit. Try rewarding yourself in small increments to start; eventually, you will be able to go for longer and longer. Whether that means after every 10 minutes of work or after every paragraph written, reward yourself for your progress! It may feel silly, but when you’re in this headspace, recognizing any work you accomplish is important. If your reward is two minutes of scrolling through Twitter, eating a cookie, or listening to a song that you love, let yourself breathe in between your successes. 

Another way you can push through your homework blockage is to switch assignments. Sometimes, you find yourself stuck with one particular assignment and it makes you want to quit altogether, but you might just need to think about something else. Try switching to another subject and see if that topic is easily tackled. Once you make some progress elsewhere, you’ll feel more confident about returning to the original roadblock. 

If all else fails, when you can’t seem to get your mind to focus on the task at hand, walk away. Literally, get up and walk around. Get your blood flowing. Maybe go for a walk outside if it’s not too cold, or pace around your room. Sometimes you just need to clear your head and not think about the assignment for a minute. Do some jumping jacks, bounce around on your toes, or dance like a maniac with your headphones in! Try to clear your mind completely so when you return to the work, you’re ready to focus. You’ll have a fresh start and just might be able to steer around that roadblock. 

As the semester nears its end, try not to get hung up on each assignment. It can be really hard to stay focused and not get distracted after a long semester of working hard, but if you try these tips, the next two weeks might be a little smoother. Remember to breathe, reward your progress, switch it up, and walk away when you need to. You can get through this! See everyone next week! 

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