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Breaking Down and Pushing Through

Welcome back, everyone! Sometimes, life is simply too much to handle, but I’ve got good news: that’s okay! Getting overwhelmed by everything in our lives is incredibly normal as long as we know to deal with the fallout. And sometimes, a breakdown can be exactly what we need to better ourselves. 

If you’re a fan of these blogs, then you probably know by now that your feelings are valid. Having extreme emotions, positive or negative, is perfectly fine. You should never invalidate what you’re feeling; you’re going to keep having those emotions anyway, so all you’re doing is making it harder for yourself to process those natural thoughts. We are our biggest enemies, and invalidating our emotions often leads to creating our own mental roadblocks. 

That idea applies to even the worst of the worst. We all have had those times where we think we’ve hit rock bottom, and it’s natural! There come those instances where we completely fall apart, breakdown, hit our wall — whatever you want to call it. The outcome is the same: you feel out of control and can no longer mentally function. Maybe for you that looks like crying, skipping class and sleeping all day, or being resigned to taking a poor grade and not turning in an assignment. 

Feeling like this is surprisingly all right. The longer you try to hold it all in, the worse the breakdown will be. Try to let yourself purge. Cry it out, skip class, don’t write that paper; it shouldn’t become a habit, but we all have to understand that our mental health is more important than school. You can miss one assignment and be perfectly fine as long as you are taking care of you! And chances are, if you explain the situation to your professor, they will give you some kind of an extension or small point deduction. 

It’s important to keep in mind that a breakdown is normal, natural, and can even be healthy. If you take the hitting of rock bottom and use it as a learning experience, the fallout can actually be extremely beneficial. Use that aftermath to reflect on why you broke down in the first place. If you hit that wall because you are spread too thin, then drop a responsibility; if it was because you received a poor grade, make time for tutoring or understand that your self-worth is not based on your academics; if it was because you had trouble with something more serious like depression, take the time to see a therapist! Hit rock bottom, but bounce up to be even better off than you were before. 

Having a breakdown can actually be beneficial! Understand that you’re allowed to hit a wall and need a break. Use the experience to learn and grow. And as usual, know that you are never alone. See you all next week! 

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