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Braving the Cold: A Guide to Winter Weather Skincare

Across the nation, frigid temperatures have caused the closings of schools, universities, and businesses. Dangerous temperatures like these can really be hard on our precious skin, to the point of causing frostbite. This is my guide to maintaining healthy, moisturized skin in subzero weather!

  1. Shower and wash your face at night. Using a mild face cleanser before bed can wash away makeup and dirt; the real importance of washing your face at night is so that the creams or lotions you use can trap the moisture in. This allows the skin to soak up the moisturizer overnight, instead of getting dried out from moisture evaporation when going outside (if you were to shower in the morning).
  2. Apply a moisturizer that is a little more dense, like a cream rather than a lotion. I like to use a heavier cream in the winter to avoid getting flaky skin around my nose and forehead area. Specifically, a face moisturizer may assist in longer term protection rather than a typical body lotion.
  3. Use a hydrating face mask. I stressed in a previous blog that face masks should only be used about once a week. I still stand by this, but using a hydrating gel or jelly mask can keep the skin feeling super smooth and supple if used after cleansing and before moisturizing.
  4. Use a light face oil over top of a moisturizer. Using an organic face oil can, again, lock in that moisture and prevent dryness.
  5. Don’t overuse makeup. If you’re treating your skin to lots of moisture treatments or products, the chances are, you’re risking getting a breakout or getting some patchy areas on your face. Take it easy and rock your natural beauty!
  6. Lip balm. Lip balm. Lip balm. Invest in a high quality product from Fresh or Bite and cover those lips before you go outside. Some cheaper lip products can cause peeling or dry out the lips (causing you to use/buy more). Don’t overuse the product, but be sure to guard your lips before going outside, so they won’t get chapped.
  7. Bundle up! Use a scarf when going outside so that cold air doesn’t bite at your exposed face. It can help prevent drying and redness as well.

These are just a few simple precautions. I love learning and talking about new ways to take care of our beloved faces. I hope these few simple tips/reminders help you this week! Stay warm!

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