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Brand Spotlight: Klorane

I am all for finding new and cool beauty brands. These days, I have been especially interested in organic and natural beauty. With natural products, I feel like the products may not work as well as expected sometimes.

As organic and natural beauty products are becoming more popular, I have noticed the formulas becoming more and more effective, especially the haircare brand Klorane.

Klorane is a natural beauty brand that uses primarily plant-based ingredients to create exceptional hair and skincare products. I am going to share with you the products that I love and why they are a great choice for your natural haircare needs.

Leave-in Cream with Papyrus Milk

This product has been a part of my daily haircare regimen for a while now. It basically does everything you would want in a leave-in cream. It controls frizz, smoothes and softens hair, creates shine, and smells amazing. The fragrance is very light, yet earthy and refreshing at the same time.

After I take a shower, I put less than a pea-sized amount of product on my ends, and wherever else needs a little moisture. A little goes a long way with this one! This haircare product is great for finishing off your look by creating smooth, shiny, healthy-looking hair.


Conditioner with Pomegranate

I feel like I do not usually notice a major difference when I change up my shampoo and conditioner, but that was simply not the case with this product. Klorane’s Conditioner with Pomegranate delivers supreme smoothness with just a small amount of product.

After using this conditioner for the first time, I noticed my hair was extremely soft, and I was able to run my fingers through it without encountering any tangles, which is very rare for me. I also noticed the AMAZING scent and how long that scent lasted, which is also rare for me … My hair looked more radiant and healthy than it had in while, and I owe it all to Klorane.

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