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One of the biggest issues I find with purchasing makeup is that once I’ve used it, I sometimes regret buying the product. It seems to be quite common that we end up returning or not re-buying a product we used once. Yes, this may happen for a multitude of reasons, but the one that seems most common is that we are making uninformed purchases or buying based off of recommendation. A simple way to avoid these issues would be to try the product yourself before buying it. Okay, now you’re probably wondering how you might try the product without blowing a bunch of money. A subscription box is the answer. And now you’re probably thinking, “don’t I have to pay for a subscription box?” Here is why I think it is absolutely worth it to subscribe to a box.

  1. You get several products which gives you at least a week’s worth of usage (maybe even more depending on how/how often you use the product.)
  2. A box gives you a range a products to use: moisturizer, all types of makeup products, face masks, cleansers, perfumes, and sometimes even makeup tools.
  3. A basic subscription box will give you around five products, plus shipping for only 10 dollars!
  4. You get time to test a product and see if it suits you before you decide you really want to buy a full size.
  5. It’s really nice to receive mail, especially when it’s a nice little package of beauty products and not bills.

There are several different types of boxes you can subscribe to: Sephora, Ipsy, Birchbox, Boxycharm and more. The most important thing to look for before signing up for the monthly box is reviews and ratings. I highly recommend a Sephora Play box. I started receiving one last month and I love it. All of the products I’ve mixed into my routine and I’ve even found things I am willing to purchase in the future! The first option for a Sephora Play box starts at whopping 10 dollars and comes with 6 items! You can upgrade to more products and the price increases with the product increase. With a Sephora box, you can also use points you receive in your box toward purchases at the store. While Sephora offers non-customizable boxes, brands like Ipsy allow you to customize your preference of the products you receive.

A subscription box is definitely not a necessity, but if you’re buying makeup or looking for holy-grail products, it would be a great (small) investment to make. Take it from a fellow makeup fanatic, it’s totally worth it and you won’t regret it!


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