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Boot Season

Hello and welcome to my personal guide to wearing boots! We may have skipped fall weather and went straight to this chilly winter weather, but that does not mean we have to forget about boots! Once you find a good pair of boots, they can last you a long, long time. If you struggle keeping your boots in one piece, take a look at this post, where they give you some nifty tips on how to maintain your winter boots, so they last a long time. If you’re still on the market for new boots though then you will have noticed there are tons of boot styles to choose from; from booties to ankle boots – what is the difference?

Booties: end RIGHT at the ankle

Ankle Boots: 1-4 inches ABOVE the ankle

Now that we know the difference between those two commonly mistaken shoes, I am ready to introduce my TWO lists that will help introduce the different boot styles and a few styles that you can match with your boots – get ready!

The different kind of boots, ankle boots, and booties

  • Boots you can ACTUALLY walk in – Let’s be honest, if you can not walk in them, you should not be wearing them, no matter how cute they are.
    • A few styles I have found easy to walk in include a chunky heeled boot, wedged boots, baby block heels, and flat boots.

  • The new take on wearing basic colored boots – Although we all love a basic or solid colored boot, why not buy a pair of boots that offer a cool detail along with that color?
    • A few details that have been popular during boot season include ruffles, pearls or fun embellishments, embroidery, exaggerated zippers, and eye-catching stitch work.

  • Tall boots with either a heel or no heel – Tall boots work for almost any casual occasion and they are a fun way to accessorize; and (between you and me) they make great substitute rain boots.
    • You can match tall boots with jeans, leggings, short dresses, short skirts, or even a fun pair of shorts paired with leggings.
  • Prepare for the winter season with a POP – Winter is filled with slushy and wet weather and it can be hard to realize that we do not have to sacrifice style.
    • Eliminate the thought of sacrificing style by looking for winter boots in fun colors, cool patterns, or a platform detail!

Styling your boots, ankle boots, and booties

  • Pants with a zipper cuff – Try something different by opening up your zipper and showing of your boots!
    • Open up the zipper and leave the hem open/untucked to show off your amazing boots. This is a cool way to show off your shoes and your style.
  • Go Monochromatic – Pick boots that are the same color as your denim.
    • This is easy way to make your legs look longer and works better with a high-heeled boot.
  • Rolling your cuff – Go for a “tomboy” look by incorporating the boyfriend jean or roll your cuffs above your ankle with a pair of ankle boots or booties.
    • Adding height will give a balance to the “tomboyish” look that your jean may give you, so try adding a pair of high-heeled boots with this outfit. By doing this, you will add a feminine feeling to your boyish look.
  • Adding socks – Accessorize with pair of socks to keep warm but look cute at the same time.
    • To avoid awkward color blocking or sectioning, do not wear socks that show over an inch.
    • Choose socks that are neutral colors so the focus is directly on that part of your outfit.

Transitioning from warm to chilly weather is never easy, but it can be more simple with the help of fashionably styling boots to fit the season! Styling boots has never been more easy and they are always my go-to shoe for the cold seasons. There are TONS of different types of boots that allow you to try different looks without causing too much stress.

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