Beauty that Doesn’t Break the Bank

If you are anything like me, you know the dreaded feeling of running out of your favorite foundation, knowing that you will have to return to Sephora to spend another $40 on a bottle that will run out again in another two months. You know what it’s like to check out at Ulta, hear your total and feel your stomach drop a little bit. I hate these feelings with such a passion that I have discovered a few ways to avoid them, while still feeding my unhealthy makeup addiction

1. Only purchase high-end products that will last a long time.

Some products run out much faster than others. Foundation, concealer and mascara are a few examples of things that I find myself repurchasing around every two to three months. Other products like blush, highlighter and eyeshadow tend to last much longer.


In order to save money, I limit myself to only purchasing those products that I will not have to buy again for a long time. I allowed myself to splurge on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter, whose gorgeous golden glow has been used on my face every day since I bought it in March, with no end in sight.


Photo from: Anastasia Beverly Hills Instagram


2. Find the best of the best in drugstore and affordable makeup

Thanks to YouTube, it is so easy to find out where to find the best products in Walmart or CVS. Find a YouTuber who has a similar skin type to you and watch a few reviews of drugstore products. Soon, you will be a master at finding the hidden gems in the sea of Walmart makeup.

In addition to drugstores, there is an endless amount of affordable makeup brands that can be found online. My favorite is ColourPop, who has unique and trendy products for very low prices. They also have sales often and are always coming out with new products. 


3. Take advantage of sales

While they are few and far between, stores like Sephora and Ulta do occasionally have sales on high-end products. If there is a new product I am eyeing, I try my hardest to wait until the next VIB 15% off sale at Sephora or 21 Days of Beauty at Ulta.

While these small discounts aren’t much, every penny you save is a penny that can be used on more makeup, am I right?

These small strategies for saving money on beauty products can help you keep up with new trends in makeup, pay rent AND have #NoRegrets.