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Bagel Sammies: 3 Ways

Hello, kind friends! Sorry for being an absentee chef over the past few. I went to D.C. (drowned myself in ALL the veggie phō!) and spent a weekend eating Avalanche pizza with my parents, so I’ve been busy eating, but not busy writing.

To make it up to you, I have a special treat. Bagel sandwiches…THREE WAYS.

A pro-wrestler grins with excitement and mischief

Deep breaths! I know this is a shock, how thrilling! I’ve got a bagel for each meal of the day, so clear your schedule, my people. It’s about to get real.

The basics:

Bagel of your choice (plain or sourdough are my go-to)


Bagel One: Breakfast of Champions

This bagel sandwich features a runny, over-easy egg with arugula, melted cheddar and tofurkey.

What you’ll need: Eggs, shredded cheddar, peppered tofurkey slices, butter

  1. In a pan, melt some butter. Prepare one large egg in the style of your choice. I’m a big advocate for the over easy egg because I love a good, runny yolk, but pick what floats your boat.
  2. Put your bagels in the toaster to your favorite level of crispiness.
  3. In the same pan as your egg, tear your tofurkey slices into small pieces and heat them up with the egg.
  4. I like to start dressing the bagel with the cheddar and put the egg on top, that way it gets nice and melty. Pile on the tofurkey and some arugula for a nice crunch.

Ain’t she a beaut!

Bagel 2: Decadent and Fresh



This bagel requires the least prep and is a quick eat, perfect for a speedy lunch break or packing your lunch last minute in the a.m. Perhaps for more adventurous eaters, this bagel features these ingredients:

Pickled beets (sliced), mint, goat cheese with pepper

  1. Toast your bagel to your liking.
  2. Once toasted, spread goat cheese on both halves of the bagel. On the base bagel, place sliced beets and mint, like so: Bagel with neatly place beets and mint over goat cheese.
  3. Add a pinch of arugula for some more substance and a variety of greens.

Bagel 3: The Classic Clucker

This image shows a chik'n gruyere patty on a bagel with tomatoes, mayo and fresh arugula. Yum!

Pick it up:
Quorn Chik’n Cutlet w/ Gruyére (My literal favorite meat substitute), tomatoes, mayo

  1. Slice up some tomatoes so that they are flat and won’t leap off your bagel.
  2. Toast! That! Bagel! While your toastin’ it, microwave the Quorn cutlet. If you aren’t going to use these veg cutlets with gruyére in them, I recommend picking up swiss cheese to accompany your plain chik’n patty.
  3. Spread mayo or Miracle Whip on your bagel halves. Place the patty, arugula and tomatoes on top. Close it up! If you really wanna wil’ out, add fake bacon. (I personally hate fake bacon, but some people love it, so do what feels right!)

Bagels are an important and versatile treat worth your investment, and they make really rich, compelling meals on a smaller budget and in little time at all.

Which one of these sandwiches captured your heart? Send me pictures of your attempts to recreate these and what inventive ingredients you’ve added on. Go forth!

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