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Bad, Boujee, and Beanies

Did anyone see it snowing yesterday? Well, I noticed the snow when it was stuck to my hair and hat! It is FINALLY starting to feel like winter so it is time to bring out those winter hats to keep you warm and stylish. My go-to winter hat will always be a beanie because it keeps me warm and is super casual. It is also a very helpful resource for when I am having a bad hair day; and let’s be honest, those days happen way too often especially with finals around the corner.

A beanie is a super easy way to accessorize an outfit or keep your outfit from looking too lazy. For example, today I woke up late and only had 5 minutes to get ready (classic Lindsay, yeah I know, thanks); I quickly put on leggings and a sweater, and then added my beanie to complete my look. That outfit only took me less than 5 minutes to put together and still looked presentable for the day. Adding a beanie is a simple solution to if you are feeling like your outfit is lacking something. It gives off that edgy and casual vibe without trying too hard. Also, if you get a neutral color, like grey or black, you can match with almost any outfit.

P.S. Don’t pull your beanie over your face to get out of a situation, it is awkward…trust me.


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