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Backless in Fall

I know what you are thinking, backless clothing is a spring/summer season trend. But, there is no reason you should be intimidated to rock this style during the chilly seasons of fall/winter.

It is the perfect time to go backless! So get out your lacey [and fun] bras or bralettes because they are about to serve an important purpose. A backless top is the appropriate time to flash a hint of skin and lingerie, without being tacky I might add. Having a backless top in your closet can create a mature, yet sexy, look. An exposed is both an appealing and versatile way to add confidence while showing your skin. I personally found this look to increase my confidence, which is not very common when I decide to show skin.

The backless aspect of an outfit is especially airy as well. It may be chilly outside, but it is oddly toasty in my class buildings. By having a part of my back exposed, it gives me some type of breeze which I much appreciate. I also appreciate having an open back incorporated into my sweater because it gives me that airy feeling without the warm fabric constricting me.

This year-round trend is super easy to style because you can either go easy while accessorizing or go big. I decided to let my back be my accessory since my sweater has a high neckline, a silver chain detail, and my back tattoo. That being mentioned, a backless outfit is a fun way to show off any ink you have on your back. I love the backless trend because I can show off my back tattoo, which is usually hard to do.

However, if you do want to accessorize, I would recommend deciding on a chunky necklace that sits nicely with your neckline. Backless pieces usually tend to have higher necklines than most.

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