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Avoid The Scary Truth Hiding Inside Your Tools and Products

As busy humans, we are often so focused on the large scale that we sometimes forget the importance of small things we encounter in our lives. What if I told you those small scale things are affecting your body in ways you didn’t even realize? Simple things like the way you apply your makeup or how you take care of your razor, can increase risks in your health and hygiene.

Dirty makeup brushes carry loads of bacteria and dirt on them. If you haven’t cleaned your brushes in awhile, chances are, you’re swiping pore-clogging grime all over your beautiful skin. Not properly washing and drying your brushes and sponges can lead to a multitude of issues: increased amounts of acne, higher risk of developing a staph infection, poorly applied makeup, and an increased risk of developing wrinkles or fine lines. Taking the steps to properly cleanse your brushes can help save you money on skin care and reduce your risk of skin damage. Cleaning your brushes can be a pretty painless (and satisfying) process. You can find a safe brush cleanser at a beauty store like Ulta or Sephora, but you may also find one at a store like Target or online. It is recommended that you use a cleanser that will be delicate on the brushes and will not affect your skin. You could also use a baby shampoo if you cannot find a brush cleanser. To clean, simply wet the brush hairs or makeup sponge, apply a small amount of cleanser and gently massage and lather the hairs. Next you’ll want to rinse the tools clean in cool water until all of the residue is gone. Finally to dry your brushes, lightly squeeze the bristles to remove the excess water and find a flat surface where you can lay the brushes. Do not put the brushes in a cup upwards as that can loosen the glue holding them together. If you’re doing makeup a lot, you could also invest in a rack to hang the brushes upside down and remove them from your countertop. Allow the brushes several hours, or overnight, to fully dry before applying your makeup again. You should be cleaning your tools weekly or biweekly depending how often you apply makeup.

Another very important piece of advice regarding beauty and hygiene is surrounding your razors. Razor care is so important, not only because you’re using a sharp object on delicate skin, but also because the way you care for that razor can determine whether or not you suffer from razor burn, ingrown hairs or irritation. It is highly recommended that once you are finished shaving you rinse the blade and gently blot the razor on a dry towel. Blotting the razor will prevent you from dulling the blade, as well as remove the excess water, which can cause your blade to rust or grow bacteria. Shaving with a dull, rusty blade is not only painful, but extremely dangerous to your health. Store your razor in a cool, dry place, not in the shower. Finally don’t share your razor with others and be sure to switch out the blades every couple of weeks. These steps will enhance the lifetime of your razor and keep your skin smooth.

Finally, you’ll want to grab a piece of makeup you own, like a bottle of foundation or an eyeshadow palette. Somewhere on that packaging you should find a tiny little jar icon. Inside that icon you will find a number with an “m”. This is the recommended life of the product before it “expires”. It is important to keep in mind that, while it is a suggestion to upgrade your product after owning it for six months or a year, you don’t have to. Powder products are much more likely to last longer than the expiration date, but products such as mascara, lipstick, foundation, and concealer should be thrown away and replaced. These products are much more likely to contain bacteria, and the quality of the product will begin to break down or deteriorate.

Example: If the product says “6m” its lifespan is six months. “12m” or “24m” is one and two years.

Maintaining the life of your tools and makeup are super important and pretty simple! I hope these few tips serve as a reminder that taking care of your products is a part of taking care of yourself. Next week will be all about affordable, good quality makeup. Stay tuned!

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