Judge Russo. You’ll Thank Us Later for Reading this Article.

Dewy D’Amore, a freshman at Ohio University and our fellow mod mate, is our rockstar. Describing creating music like painting a picture, Dewy taugh himself seven instruments, including guitar, piano, bass, and even mandolin. 

An alternative musician, we are enthralled to endorse such a unique sound!

Dewy’s band, Judge Russo, is without a doubt one you won’t regret listening to. The Basement’s Story is his newest album, and includes songs of multiple genres, including mellow indie and punk rock, so there’s a something for everyone to enjoy! 

Since coming to Ohio University, Dewy has banded together with friends Marvin Dotiyal and Anthony “Twan” Stanzi to carry on Judge Russo’s legacy and amplify their sound as a whole.

You can find Judge Russo’s music mainly on iTunes and Spotify, and check out his new music video for “Cops Rule” on YouTube! 

If you happen to enjoy Judge Russo’s sound and want to support his journey to musical stardom or have any business inquiries, you can contact or follow him on social media platforms below:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2JzZ0ZFw7OHDG9uiJuz66z?si=r-SNIjPXRjaZ-2goW6sflA

Instagram: judge_russo

Twitter: Judge_Russo

Email: dewysmusic@gmail.com 

Why You NEED to Attend a JAcKD UP House Show

Looking for some new things to do in the Athens area? Emma and I had the absolute honor to take our friends to a house show this weekend and let me tell you, Jane Kardotzke is a goddess.

Jane Kardotzke is a junior at Ohio University and the creator of JAcKD UP, which is an organization that manages house shows in the Athens area! With the help of close friends such as Jennifer Kash, Jane successfully puts on house shows almost every weekend in several different locations. 

If you like alternative music and laid back, down-to-earth people, JAcKD UP house shows are definitely the move for you! Emma and I have had the pleasure to attend a couple shows, and we can honestly say the production value and the hospitality makes it worth going back every single time. 

If you would like to contact Jane Kardotzke of JAcKD UP personally regarding any business inquiries, feel free to email them directly at jakdupmanagement@gmail.com! JAcKD UP will also have social media pages across several platforms up and running within the next couple of weeks!

Hope to see you soon!

We Beat Cabin Fever, and This is How

Settling in on our third week back on campus, the cabin fever was too real. As the days seemed to drag on for what felt like an eternity, we were determined to do just about anything to be outside. 

Taking matters into our own hands, we decided to disconnect from the hectic week that we had and go off the grid. I know what you are thinking, four girls in the woods alone without our cell phones; seems like a recipe for disaster right? Wrong. Taking the time to break away from our persistent schedules and loads of work was actually the best thing we could’ve done for ourselves. Not going to lie, we did start our week off mud sliding (not the best idea when there is still ice on the ground).

So as the weeks continue to drag and the coursework increases, we encourage you to take the time for yourself, whether that be time to start a new hobby or even take time to explore the beautiful city of Athens. Take any chance that you can. The weather may be cold, but the pleasant company of close friends makes almost any experience so much warmer.

The photos that our included with our blog post today are from our hike up Radar Hill this past Friday. I honestly could not tell you how I am typing this post out right now; my hands are still cold. 

Stay warm Bobcats, and remember to take each day one day at a time. 🙂 

The Groutfit Lookbook: Is it Trendy?

This week, we decided to embrace a trend that we have been talking about for a long time, so we strapped on our snow boots and attempted to pull off the groutfit. 

Some of you may be wondering what is a groutfit? Well we are here to tell you that it is essentially just an all gray outfit. As controversial as the idea of a gray-on-gray outfit may seem, we actually love the idea and all that it stands for!

In conclusion, enjoy this series of pictures that we put together for you, and remember, you can pull anything off with the right outlook. Enjoy our Lookbook 🙂

Hall 420 Girls Recommended, Face Approved: Morphe Palletes!

As stated in SEVERAL of our previous blogs, we are definitely broke college students, constantly contemplating if spending six dollars on a sandwich from Jimmy John’s is actually worth it or not. As lifestyle bloggers as well, we are always looking for a good deal to recommend to you!

Morphe makeup pallets are beautiful creations that every girl should have in their everyday makeup bag. From more natural looks to looks that are out of this world, you can mix and match to your heart’s desire.

To test this theory out, Emma and I had the pleasure of doing our roommates’ eyeshadow looks, and we are very proud with how they turned out!

Morphe pallets are cheap in price (ranging from $30-40 depending on what size you get), so even broke college students can invest! They last almost forever, so they are also the ideal investment for the long run!

So, as the holiday season is around the corner, cherish the final days that you have on campus with those that mean the most to you beautiful people. At the beginning of the semester, the Hall 420 girls were all strangers, but college has gifted us with these beautiful souls. It is a never a dull moment with these beautiful girls, and for that we are nothing but grateful.

Happy Holidays everyone, stay warm. 🙂

Special shout-out to our friend Troy for taking photos!

Rachel, Sophia, and Rhiannon’s makeup by Emma

Malie and Emma’s makeup by Rachel

Four Essentials to keep you Comfortable this Winter!

Tis the season for freezing temperatures and finals season everyone! For the three weeks we have left on campus before we all migrate home, we have put our comfort in our best interest and we are creating a winter essentials list for you guys! As the holiday season is upon us, keep on reading if you want to know what you need to survive another cold winter!

  1. Sweater Weather

Bundle up people! A season of layers will ensure that you will not freeze while walking to each class. Our preferred sweater of choice is a cotton material that you can layer with t-shirts and heavy coats for when you travel outside. This casual look will ensure comfiness, yet stylish look.

2. Turtlenecks

The key to our hearts, for sure. Keep your neck warm this season with any turtleneck imaginable! Like sweaters, turtlenecks can also be paired with a heavy coat to ensure a chic look!

3. Socks! 

Another key to our hearts! If you have naturally cold feet like I do, socks are the perfect way to make your outfit pop, while keeping your toes in tact. 

4. Chai Tea

Looking for a warm winter drink? Chai tea is an herbal tea that contains just a bit of caffeine in order to start off what could be a long day. You can either buy chai tea packets at the market, or order it from any campus coffee shop.

Any way you go about your holiday season, do it with comfort! Stay warm Bobcats 🙂 

Student Spotlight No. 3 – Rhiannon Brown

Welcome back to another week of Student Spotlight! It has been a while since we have blessed your screens with quality humans in our community, so here we are! Our student this week is a dear friend of ours, and she deserves to be appreciated for her strength, as well as kickin’ style. To learn more about how you can participate in Student Spotlight, we will link the application process at the bottom of this blog! Enjoy!

Rhiannon Brown is currently a freshman at Ohio University studying communications studies. From Glouster, Ohio, she is an active member in her community. In Rhiannon’s free time, she loves to eat smashing food, hang out with her friends, and listen to music! If you are a personal fan of Rhiannon Brown, feel free to follow her on Instagram. To read more about Rhiannon Brown, keep on scrolling!

How would you describe your style? 

“I wear a lot of black. I try to go as typical as possible, wearing a lot of oversized t-shirt, leggings and shorts. My style is really reliant upon my mood that day.”

Who or what influences your style?

“My mood is the biggest influence on my style. It also depends on the occasion; I try to dress appropriate depending on the occasion, so it varies. I’m also into wearing seasonal clothes and colors that coordinate with the season.”

What are your favorite places to shop?

“Thrift stores, Bluetique, and Fligleaf”

What are some of your go-to pieces in your wardrobe?

“Black tank tops, converse high tops, and oversized cardigans.”

What else do you use to describe your style?

“My personality and anklets in the summer.”




Rhiannon’s style is one that can be described as laid-back grunge, but most of Rhiannon’s style comes from her strong personality. Rhiannon is one of our best friends, and we appreciate how independent, strong and hilarious this sweet girl is. Her style and personality make for an impeccable lady.


HEY  YOU! Interested in being featured in Student Spotlight? If you are, feel free to email us directly at rc774117@ohio.edu for a chance to be featured in Student Spotlight! If you are chosen to be a part of Student Spotlight, we will contact you directly with information regarding meeting for a shoot, and all the pictures taken will be sent to you directly! Take the chance on us! Express yourself! Catch you in the next one 🙂

Lettuce is in! And We’re Here to Tell You About it.

Coming from Cincinnati and Atlanta, the culture shock that hit us when we stepped foot on campus was like getting hit with a head of lettuce. Literally.

Lettuce (aka long hair on men) is in, and we are here to tell you about it! But how are we supposed to tell you about it you may ask? Well it wasn’t hard to find two qualified men to answer our pondering questions. Who knows, maybe after this you’ll want to grow your hair out too. 

Our short interview with Dylan and Dewy consisted of these few questions, helping us understand a little bit more about the lettuce-head culture.


Dylan told us that he chose to grow his hair out because he went to a Catholic high school where it was against the rules to have long hair. Once out of high school, Dylan was able to embrace the look he wanted to.

The reactions that Dylan gets about his hair are mostly positive, he said. He told us that once a lady sitting behind him on an airplane even caught him after a flight only to tell him that he has nice hair. Contrarily, his sister doesn’t approve because she thinks it looks feminine.

When we asked Dylan about why he believes many guys don’t choose to have long hair, he mentioned that he thinks it has a lot to do with stigmas and societal judgement. He says many people may associate long hair with being “punk,” but he still likes it nonetheless.


Dewy told us that he chose to grow his hair out simply because he likes the way it looks.

The reactions that Dewy gets about his hair are also mostly positive, though I [Emma] was with him once on Court Street when someone yelled at him to get a hair cut. Other times, Dewy says that he does get compliments from strangers saying they like it and they think it’s cool.

Along with Dylan, Dewy also believes that it’s possible some men choose to have short hair simply because they’re scared to grow it out.

We hope you take Dylan and Dewy’s words into consideration! It doesn’t hurt to try lettuce, it is college you know.

We Went as Post Malone and Girl Naruto for HallOUween Weekend – and This is How People Reacted.

As the HallOUweekend comes to a close, we would like to take the opportunity to reflect on our executive decisions to go as Post Malone and Girl Naruto for Halloween this year. As freshman here, it was our civic duty to go above and beyond, and this is what we came up with.


I decided that I was going to dress up as Post Malone for Halloween about three weeks before HallOUween. After going through every Halloween Pinterest board I could find, I basically gave up on the idea of looking adorable this Halloween and going for something more funny. That is where Post Malone comes into play.

My costume did not cost much to create because I either borrowed clothing items from roommates, or already had the pieces to my look. The most difficult part about creating my look was definitely putting on all of his many tattoos, making sure they were in the right places, and braiding my hair to resemble such an icon. 

Overall I could have not been more happy with my look. I looked hilarious and several people walked up to me throughout the night commenting things such as:

“We love your work!” And “What’s up Posty!”

God, I love my fans.


I am not the one who came up with my costume; the idea actually originated from my dorky friends and they’re obsession with the anime show, Naruto. 

When I first moved to OU and started meeting my new friends, many of them seemed to talk about the show Naruto, which I had never heard of before. They swore it was the best show ever, and that with my short hair, I even resembled the main character. Hence the prompting of me to actually be Naruto for Halloween, and so I did it for the meme. 

Putting together the outfit was quite simple. Online, I found a pair of orange khaki pants, then paired them with a black tube top and black boots. I also wore a wig to resemble the female version of Naruto that is sometimes featured in the show. 

As the anime fans must not have been out and about, the public’s reaction to me was less intense than that to Rachel, though I did get several compliments on the overall look and my pants. 

I was happy with the way my costume turned out, and the fact that it was a joke with my friends made it even better. 

Moral of the story: fantastic night. 

How to Ball on a Budget in the Athens Pt. 2

Per tradition, we decided this week to broaden our horizons once again in the Athens community and take a trip back to our roots: thrift shopping. If you have read our first blog, we would love to update you beautiful people. We are even more broke then we were our first month of college! If you can relate, we are excited to announce that we have fallen in love with a new thrift shop that is located just on Court Street! 

Athens Underground is a two-story thrift shop located on Court Street. We fell in love with the atmosphere of the place as its retro vibe gives you a nostalgic feeling of individuality throughout the ages. We had the pleasure of conversing with the staff that works at Athens Underground, and they are the most down-to-earth, selfless souls. The first floor contains an assortment of posters and postcards, as well as costume props that are perfect for the HallOUween season!

Once traveling up the stairs, the walls are filled with vintage, vibrant clothes. Each piece is unique; not one piece is like the other. We explored the racks for what felt like hours, seeking inspiration for Halloween costumes, as well as laughing at all of the witty posters. 

Overall, this place stole our hearts when we realized they had an entire bin devoted to stripes. That is how you win my heart people, a nice striped sweater. The best time to wear a striped sweater is ALL the time. 

If you have a love and appreciation for thrifting (and you’re wallet) like we do, Athens Underground is for you! Take some friends with you and make a trip of it! And when you’re done, give your wallet a little more love and go smash a 4-for-4 from Wendy’s 🙂 Enjoy!