Student Spotlight No. 5: Sophia Englehart

Welcome back to another Student Spotlight! Today we are going to be taking a look at some popular OU trends led by Sophia Englehart!

Sophia is a freshman at Ohio University majoring in journalism news and information. Her academics are important to her as well as her love for coffee. In her free time, Sophia enjoys watching Netflix, spending time with her friends, and going to the gym! If you would like to follow her on Instagram, her handle is @sophia_englehart !

How would you describe your style? 

Sophia wears the same combo everyday: leggings, crop tops, flannel or jacket (jean or rain), and converse, because she likes to be comfortable!

Who/what influences your style? 

She admires Kaia Gergber because of her simple outfits that look elegant with simple accessories!

Where are you favorite places to shop? 

Sophia loves to shop at Marshalls, Payless, and Target 

What are some of your go-to pieces in your wardrobe? 

Sophia cannot go without Gym Shark leggings, Converse, jean jacket, or her rain jacket 

What else do you use to define your style besides clothing?

Sophia defines her style with jewelry: small necklaces (most of it is gifts from family and souvenirs from traveling around the world!)


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Five Spring Essentials to Embrace the Warmer Weather!

Hello all! This week we wanted to share our spring essentials for warm weather with you guys! Since the Ohio weather likes to trick us into thinking it is FINALLY going to stay warm, we are deceived once again, so these pictures have been taken inside in hopes that the warm weather will reappear soon!

  1. SCRUNCHIES! As a personal favorite of mine, scrunchies are the perfect way to pull the hair from out of your face in a cute and fashionable way. The scrunchies that you see pictured are from Francesca’s sold in a pack of four for a cheap price; or if you are feeling creative, you can easily DIY them as well!
  2. Sunglasses: In order to avoid the pesky sun in your eyes, sunglasses are the perfect accessory to any outfit! The sunglasses that are pictured can be found at Urban Outfitters, but for a good bargain they can be also found at Target.
  3. Rain Jacket: April showers are for real y’all. In order to compliment a stylish outfit as well as to stay dry, a bold rain coat can do exactly that. The red rain coat pictured is a rare find that Emma found at a thrift shop, which includes large pockets, a hood, and vintage patterns on the inside of the jacket.
  4. Cropped tank tops: Also a staple item for yours truly, cropped tanks pair perfectly with a cute pair of high-waisted jean shorts to create the perfect spring time look! They are also iconic for layering, especially for when it is chilly in the morning and you need an extra layer like a cardigan!
  5. V8 Fruit Juice: As an essential source of vitamins, V8 Fruit Juice has a rich, fruity taste that gives you all the spring time vibes that you could dream for!

Spring is almost in full bloom on Ohio University’s campus and we hope these staple items will make you just as excited for this long-anticipated spring as we are! Stay warm Bobcats 🙂

Rach and Em’s Recent Music Obsessions

Hello! Today, Rachel and I decided to do a bit of a different concept for our blog: music suggestions! With the Athens weather being seriously gloomy the past few months, there is always one way to power through the grogginess of winter and spring’s somber spirit: getting groovy to our favorite tunes.
Rachel and I tend to differ in our music tastes sometimes, but we’re always down to chill together no matter who’s got the aux 🙂

Emma’s Top Suggestions:
● Wallows – listen any song if you wanna vibe in a good mood (their new album “Nothing Happens” just dropped this month and is excellent)
● Shawcross and Prize // Reward (albums) by Good Morning – for some indie-rock sounds
● The Beatles – they’re sure to brighten you’re mood
● The Velvet Underground – old rock legends who created superb music
● “Glowing Brightly” by Florist – a soft indie tune, good to relax to
Patched Up (album) by Beabadoobee – a girl with a beautiful voice that’s great for chillin to or listening to before bed
Drive North (album) by SWMRS – some nice punk-rock songs

Rachel’s Top Suggestions:
● “Cold War” by Cautious Clay
● Post Malone!!!
● Rex Orange County
● “Fine China” by Future and Juice WRLD
● Weezer’s Teal Album
● “Sucker” by The Jonas Brothers
● Billie Eilish
● Lana Del Rey

P.S. Lana and Billie drop their new albums on Friday and we couldn’t be more hyped for it!

And, of course, we recommend listening to the band Judge Russo available on Spotify and Apple Music!!

We hope you all are powering through this gloomy season with us, and hopefully enjoy these music suggestions as much as we do!

The Brains and Beauty Behind “JAcKD UP”

As stated in a previous blog, JAcKD UP is a social enterprise that our dear friends started, and that we most definitely endorse! Since we were so intrigued with the construction of their growing enterprise, Emma and I had the pleasure to sit down with Jane Kardotzke and Jennifer Kash to discuss the raw beauty that comes with the formation of their social enterprise JAcKD UP.

The idea originated from Jane herself, and Jane and Jennifer now work as a team in order to make their mere ideas come to life for the enjoyment of Ohio University students in the Athens area. As they continue to grow their brand, they are constantly making connections with peers to spread the word about who they are, what their message is and what it truly means to them. They even incorporate student-created graphics into their show posters and are currently receiving sponsorships from local establishments like Jackie O’s in order to support talented bands that are traveling long distances just to play in Athens. 

So, you may be wondering “What can be so different about two girls trying to promote their house shows?” The answer is simple: They do it differently, and they do it better. With the vast genres of music (from rap to rock!) that they try to incorporate into their shows, there is no doubt that there is a vibe out there for each individual. 

While continuing to speak with Jane and Jennifer, they emphasized that they want to break away from the cliche DIY house show scene, and create a soothing, welcoming environment where everyone is guaranteed to have an enjoyable time. They’ll even juggle for you; they took lessons!

Their vibe never fails to surprise us, as we also had the pleasure to attend their house show Saturday night. The high energy and good spirits were definitely there as we were so excited to watch our good friends’ band, Judge Russo, perform, as well as the other talented, grateful bands such as Motel Stories and The Emporer’s New Chaz. To emphasize how fun it was, I definitely crowd surfed when I was there. It was amazing. 

Jane and Jennifer’s social enterprise that is growing day-by-day is one of the purest examples of how much you can truly achieve if you put your thoughts and dreams into actions. Music is a language that every individual speaks, and going to their shows has presented us with new business opportunities, friends, as well as memories that Emma and I wish to cherish as we reach the end of our Freshman year at Ohio University.

The amount of effort that OU students put into extra circulars should be nothing but celebrated, so Emma and I completely support the countless hours that Jane and Jennifer put into something they love to do.

The moral of this success story? Go to a JAcKD UP house show! You won’t regret it! To follow Jane and Jennifer and receive updates on pictures from their latest shows and upcoming events, feel free to follow their social media accounts below!



Twitter: @jackdupmedia

Hope to see you fellow music lovers soon. 🙂

Fashion Through the Decades: a LookBook

Due to the sunny Athens weather that has been bestowed upon our town, we took some time outside to create a fun, trendy LookBook inspired by three of our most favorite fashion decades: the 70s, 80s, and 90s! Please enjoy the looks that we have created for this LookBook as you seek inspiration for a new look, and possibly incorporate these styles into your 21st century fashion!

Special thanks to our friends Bella Gregory and Dylan Benedict for helping with this shoot!!

Student Spotlight No. 4 – Faith Lucas

Hello and welcome back to another edition of Student Spotlight! This week we interviewed a lovely friend of ours, Faith Lucas, who Rachel and I both met through classes in the Scripps College of Communication! Faith is from just north of Atlanta, Georgia, but now stays here where she’s thriving through her second semester of studying integrated media!

Faith is a beautiful person inside and out. It wasn’t a difficult decision to have her featured on this edition of Student Spotlight! Keep reading below to see her responses to our interview and pictures from her lookbook 🙂

How do you define your style?

“I tend to wear a lot of layers. I own a lot of baggy and oversized clothing, and then pair whatever I’m wearing that’s baggy with its opposite (leggings or a cute crop top and short sweater).”

Who/what influences your style?

“I’ve kind of pieced together my style over the years, so it’s a combination of things. I’ll see something on my Instagram explore page or an outfit hanging in a shop window that I think is cute, and then just piece it together with what I have.”

Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

Faith likes to shop “Pretty much anywhere I can find a deal. I love thrift stores because everything is pretty much a deal and there’s a lot of unique clothing, but I’m not opposed to an Urban Outfitters sale rack. I just don’t think it makes sense for me to pay $100 for one sweater.”

What are some of your go to pieces in your wardrobe?

“I have this pair of enormous black and fluffy high-waisted sweatpants that I’m pretty sure are men’s (they have a drawstring I just pull pretty tight). Because they’re black, I can get away with mixing and matching any one of my favorite patterned short sweaters and a crop top or turtleneck with it. They’re so comfortable.”

How else do you define your style besides clothing?

“I think a smile is a part of my personal style. Although you don’t see me walking around campus with a huge smile on my face, whenever I interact with people, I’ve been told I smile a lot. Might as well 🙂 “


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Judge Russo. You’ll Thank Us Later for Reading this Article.

Dewy D’Amore, a freshman at Ohio University and our fellow mod mate, is our rockstar. Describing creating music like painting a picture, Dewy taugh himself seven instruments, including guitar, piano, bass, and even mandolin. 

An alternative musician, we are enthralled to endorse such a unique sound!

Dewy’s band, Judge Russo, is without a doubt one you won’t regret listening to. The Basement’s Story is his newest album, and includes songs of multiple genres, including mellow indie and punk rock, so there’s a something for everyone to enjoy! 

Since coming to Ohio University, Dewy has banded together with friends Marvin Dotiyal and Anthony “Twan” Stanzi to carry on Judge Russo’s legacy and amplify their sound as a whole.

You can find Judge Russo’s music mainly on iTunes and Spotify, and check out his new music video for “Cops Rule” on YouTube! 

If you happen to enjoy Judge Russo’s sound and want to support his journey to musical stardom or have any business inquiries, you can contact or follow him on social media platforms below:


Instagram: judge_russo

Twitter: Judge_Russo


Why You NEED to Attend a JAcKD UP House Show

Looking for some new things to do in the Athens area? Emma and I had the absolute honor to take our friends to a house show this weekend and let me tell you, Jane Kardotzke is a goddess.

Jane Kardotzke is a junior at Ohio University and the creator of JAcKD UP, which is an organization that manages house shows in the Athens area! With the help of close friends such as Jennifer Kash, Jane successfully puts on house shows almost every weekend in several different locations. 

If you like alternative music and laid back, down-to-earth people, JAcKD UP house shows are definitely the move for you! Emma and I have had the pleasure to attend a couple shows, and we can honestly say the production value and the hospitality makes it worth going back every single time. 

If you would like to contact Jane Kardotzke of JAcKD UP personally regarding any business inquiries, feel free to email them directly at! JAcKD UP will also have social media pages across several platforms up and running within the next couple of weeks!

Hope to see you soon!

We Beat Cabin Fever, and This is How

Settling in on our third week back on campus, the cabin fever was too real. As the days seemed to drag on for what felt like an eternity, we were determined to do just about anything to be outside. 

Taking matters into our own hands, we decided to disconnect from the hectic week that we had and go off the grid. I know what you are thinking, four girls in the woods alone without our cell phones; seems like a recipe for disaster right? Wrong. Taking the time to break away from our persistent schedules and loads of work was actually the best thing we could’ve done for ourselves. Not going to lie, we did start our week off mud sliding (not the best idea when there is still ice on the ground).

So as the weeks continue to drag and the coursework increases, we encourage you to take the time for yourself, whether that be time to start a new hobby or even take time to explore the beautiful city of Athens. Take any chance that you can. The weather may be cold, but the pleasant company of close friends makes almost any experience so much warmer.

The photos that our included with our blog post today are from our hike up Radar Hill this past Friday. I honestly could not tell you how I am typing this post out right now; my hands are still cold. 

Stay warm Bobcats, and remember to take each day one day at a time. 🙂 

The Groutfit Lookbook: Is it Trendy?

This week, we decided to embrace a trend that we have been talking about for a long time, so we strapped on our snow boots and attempted to pull off the groutfit. 

Some of you may be wondering what is a groutfit? Well we are here to tell you that it is essentially just an all gray outfit. As controversial as the idea of a gray-on-gray outfit may seem, we actually love the idea and all that it stands for!

In conclusion, enjoy this series of pictures that we put together for you, and remember, you can pull anything off with the right outlook. Enjoy our Lookbook 🙂