DIY: Face Masks

There are soooo many facial cleansing products and brands out there that I never know what to choose. Most facial products contain ingredients like: synthetic colors, fragrances, sulfates, and a bunch of other chemicals that I have no idea about.

With such sensitive skin, I look for products with the most natural ingredients. The downfall of this however, is the cost. Organic, all-natural products can get pricey. My recent obsession with face masks has got me thinking…and experimenting in my kitchen.

Something I love about making my own face masks is being able to mix the correct ingredients for my skin troubles. It doesn’t hurt to know exactly what is in it either!

exfoliating: coffeecoffee

1 tsp coffee grounds,

1 1/2 tsp milk (2%, whole, or raw).


thick not pasty,

if hard to work with

add more milk,

let sit for 3-5 min,

do over sink, messy,

rinse with cold water

exfoliate in a circular motion

to remove any dead skin.


brightening: turmericturmeric

3 tsp raw oats,

1 squeeze fresh lemon juice,

2 tsp Manuka honey,

1/2 tsp turmeric.

15-20 min.

rinse with warm water.

remove yellow tint by washing thoroughly, using sulfur soap afterward or remove with witch hazel.


rosehydrating: honey-rose 

2 Tbsp greek yogurt,

1 tsp raw honey,

3-4 drop pure rose hip seed oil (organic):

mix in bowl,

apply to skin, let sit for 10-20 min,

rinse with cool water and pat dry.

warm 2-3 drops rose hip seed oil between palms and press onto face and neck.


charcoaldetoxing: charcoal

3 capsules activated charcoal,

3-4 drops tea tree oil,

1 tsp witch hazel.

Mix in ceramic bowl with metal spoon or cotton swab,

apply to face allowing it to dry 10-15 min.

Can be used as a spot treatment.

Rinse thoroughly until face is clear,

damp wash cloth, follow up with witch hazel to remove any access,

moisturize/toner after.

What Your Skin Loves: Rosewater

It’s the middle of the semester and that means stress, which means breakouts and sensitivity. My life has been demanding, and getting caught up in the whirlwind of it all leads me to forget to take care of my skin. That’s where rosewater comes in. It’s a quick and easy way to leave your skin feeling nourished, moisturized, and loved.

Here’s why…


What is it?

Rosewater is a fragrant liquid created through the steam distillation of rose petals. It comes from ancient homeopathic roots dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt and can be found in toners, moisturizers, makeup remover, face masks, or any type of skincare product. Vitamins A and C along with the antioxidant properties help to repair damaged skin and hydrate at the same time.


How do I use it?

Fill an empty spray bottle and use as a facial mist. Soak cotton balls when using around face or problem areas such as eyes. Put a few drops in your shampoo or conditioner to not only clean, but hydrate and nourish at the same time. Mix with your favorite moisturizer to show your skin a little more love than usual. Look for products such as moisturizers, toners, bath bombs, and face masks that contain rosewater to add to your daily beauty routine. The possibilities are endless!

What are the benefits?

Rosewater benefits the skin in a variety of ways. It’s anti-inflammatory and its antioxidant properties help to soothe redness and irritation. Red, puffy eyes from allergies or a mid-semester mental breakdown? Rosewater is on your side and will reduce any redness or inflammation, leaving your eyes looking refreshed. Shaving is supposed to leave your skin smooth, right? Well, that’s not always the case. Rosewater works wonders as an after shave soother to combat razor burn. Watch it work its magic. Within minutes, irritation will be gone!

Rosewater is acne’s worst enemy. It removes dirt and oil by maintaining your skin’s natural pH balance. It helps to reduce pimples and stops bacteria from growing. Also, it smoothes fine lines and aging skin.

Not only has rosewater been proven to help grow long, healthy hair, but it helps with dryness too! You can hydrate and moisturize your scalp while reducing inflammation and dandruff. It even works great on hot, humid days as an anti-frizz property.

Say goodbye to expensive makeup remover and opt for rosewater! It removes even the harshest waterproof makeup gently without causing irritation.


Tip: Use as a mood enhancer

Rosewater rids feelings of anxiety and stress; therefore, helping you feel more relaxed. Can be sprayed on pillows or sheets before bed. Pour into bath water to leave the skin moisturized and smelling fresh!

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It’s Okay To Miss Someone And Not Want Them Back

You have people in your life, you always have. And then you have those people. The ones that you can count on two hands. Those people you feel like you were meant to meet. The ones who came into your life at just the right time, and left the same. I like to call these people soulmates. A friend, a family member, a lover, it can be anyone really. They are there to teach you something about yourself; help you grow into your fullest potential.

Soulmates are good, even when they’re bad.

sink flowers.png

The bad ones, these are the ones that leave a bitter aftertaste. The ones you could never seem to find peace of mind with. The ones who ironically tend to come back at the times when you are most fulfilled. You don’t do or say anything to attract them. You never even think about them. In fact, you do everything in your power to consciously avoid remembering they exist.

So why do they keep coming back after you told them to leave?

Well to them, you are their soulmate. The good kind. The kind that leaves a mark on their heart, their mind, their life. The one they consciously remember exists. The one they always come back to. You’re the one who walked over at 3 am when their world was crashing down. Or picked them up when their alcoholic mother was making no sense of her words. You cleaned their wounds and bandaged their arm because no one else knew. You kissed their scars. Drew butterflies on them.

This is a reminder:

The way others treat you is a reflection of what’s going on within themselves. It’s not about you, it’s deeply about them. You cannot expect everyone to treat you right. Think about it..this person is on their own path and you just stumble into their life, shake things up, and they may not be in a place for that. You cannot blame yourself for what another person chooses to do with the relationship between you two.

But you can’t forget what people did to you. Even if you love them so hard that it burns your insides. Don’t forget. 

To the person I miss but don’t want back:

I didn’t get to be mad. I didn’t get to yell. It’s not fair that it’s always about you. Or that I sit in silent tears. And I can’t be mad, because you are. It’s always my fault. You will never see it from my side. You make me feel guilty and you’re not even anywhere near me. I have nothing left to give to you because you took it all. But you keep coming back and you keep wanting more. It isn’t fair how you make me feel so small; like I’m nothing.

It isn’t fair, that aside from all of that, I love you anyway.


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Playlist: Fall 2016

There’s something familiar about mornings in the fall.

The brisk wind breaking on your face.

The amber air filling your lungs.

The moon resting high and faint, the sun low and warm.

The dew glistens on the grass.


Crisp leaves under your soles, car rides where they pick up with the wind from behind.

Where you can’t see ahead from the fog.

Oh but nights, there’s something different.

Love, the addictive kind, that you know won’t last but you do it anyway. Intangible.

Fur blankets by a wood burning fire as crickets sing you to sleep.


Photo Provided | Tumblr

1. Tell It How It Is-The Growlers

2. In The Flowers-Animal Collective

3. Syrup And Honey-Duffy

4. Gypsy-Fleetwood Mac

5. Holocene-Bon Iver

6. Into The Mystic-Van Morrison

7. Slow It Down-The Lumineers

8. Valerie-Amy Winehouse

9. Warm Foothills-Alt-J

10. Scarlet Begonias-The Grateful Dead

11. L.A. Woman-The Doors

12. Boots Of Spanish Leather-Bob Dylan

13. Big Jet Plane-Angus and Julia Stone

14. Give Me One Reason-Tracy Chapman

15. Ivy-Frank Ocean

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What Your Mind Loves: Lavender

Lavender has been at the forefront of my mind lately. Anything from candles to lotions, I can’t seem to get enough of this vibrantly-scented purple flower.

Photo Provided by Pinterest | Country Living
Photo Provided by Pinterest | Country Living

This is the scent that takes my mind to a calm destination.

Whether you like the way that lavender looks sitting in a vase next to your windowsill  or the way it smells as you spritz it on before you leave the house, lavender’s popularity makes adopting its virtues second nature.

Here are just a few reasons why lavender needs to play a role in your everyday routine.

  1. Relief of Anxiety

The fragrance of lavender has the natural ability to calm your mind and relieve it from stress and anxiety. Dab a lavender essential oil on your pulse points, such as the temples or wrists, and you will carry this serene scent around with you all day as a constant reminder to keep your mind still.

  1. Healing of Wounds

Lavender is a powerful antiseptic that increases cell growth. It is one of the few essential oils that can be applied to the skin undiluted. Combine essential oil with aloe vera to relieve sunburn, inflammation, rashes, and other skin issues. Dilute lavender in witch hazel for a calming facial toner to dry out acne or to heal scars.

  1. Easing Headaches

With its soothing effect on the nervous system, lavender can rid your body of headaches. Massage this essential oil into the temples or back of the neck to soothe the senses from tension.

  1. Fighting Insomnia

Lavender’s relaxing effect on the nervous system promotes a restful sleep. Place a bundle of lavender in a vase on a bedside table or simply place 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil on pillowcases or bed sheets before bed. You’ll wake up feeling fresh and reset.

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A New Beginning

We’re all familiar with the term “spring cleaning,” and with it being the first of September, spring seems to be tucked away neatly in the back of our minds as we prepare for the rise of autumn.

But take a moment to imagine the metamorphosis of winter into spring.

Everything begins to bloom and grow with each day.

Trees that have let go of their oldtarnished leaves are being gifted with new ones.

Yellow flower petals start to open steadily.

The grass turns a bright shade of green.

When I think of springtime, I think of a promise for a new beginning, like the April rain showers that wash away everything old.

It’s hard to willingly let go of summer’s hand as we take our first baby steps into fall. When we transition into another season, everything changes.

It’s the start of cleaning. Cleaning towards a new beginning on the brink of another season’s introduction.

Ask yourself, “What corners of my life need cleaning?”

It’s vital to sort through the dirtiness in your life. Just as the trees will morph in color and shed their leaves once again, we have to let go of the pain, the toxic relationships, and the anxieties that come with starting over, and make room for the new.

flowers 2

i. Take Care

If it’s your last fall semester of college, you know how I’m feeling… it’s bittersweet. But I can’t seem to get out of this cloud of thoughts. Will I get a job? Will my friends keep in touch? Where am I going to live?

Sometimes I am so worried about helping everyone else that I forget about me.

We more often than not forget there is one person who will never leave your side.


Love yourself as you would someone else. If you’re going through a rough time and can’t focus all of your attention on someone, or something, reach out. If you’re having anxiety about all of your homework due this week, and what feels like endlessly applying to entry-level jobs, take a break.

Take care of yourself. Value yourself. Love Yourself. Make a cup of tea, put on a face mask, light your favorite candles, and take a bath.

Take care of yourself. Do it now.

ii. Have an Outlet

Reading is something that I use to take my mind to another place, and I write to make my life feel more real. It makes sense, placing my worries elsewhere. Whatever it may be, have that outlet. There will be days filled with 1 a.m. study sessions and fights with your roommates. Remove yourself and clear your mind.

You know what to do, let it come.

iii. Find a Connection

It can be hard to stay self-motivated during this chapter of your life. Being a part of something bigger can make the world of a difference, not only in your life, but the lives of others as well. Join a club, plan a volunteer trip, build relationships. Work to make a difference and you’ll catch the feels knowing that you’re contributing to a positive outcome. Whatever your life is lacking — find it. It makes the days go by easier.

iv. Grow

It’s okay to be vulnerable. You will have days where you are so overwhelmed that you can’t process a thought. It’s okay to feel that way. It’s okay to sit with that feeling, just not for too long. Give yourself time to figure things out, to move on, and to grow. Things won’t get better by sitting around. This is your life, you write your own story.

Take your experiences, positive or negative, and bloom.

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