Top 5: Paint — on everything

I’ve always wondered if my knack for painting came from my grandma, who has a house filled with paintings she created. Some are as big as the wall, others smaller than your hand. She absolutely had a knack for it. Now, I won’t compare, but I will agree I get a comforting experience whenever I get to bring out the brushes. Lately, I’ve upgraded my panting game. I add small painted details to anything and everything to give it a creative pop. I’m talking about doors, plates, journals, candles, empty frames, rocks and jars, lighters… you get the idea. Maybe it’s being inside, but the creative juices seem to be flowing and I think it’s a great outlet that anybody can enjoy. You don’t have to be a Picasso, you just need an open mind and some good paint. The rest is simple… have fun!

Bad, Boujee, and Beanies

Did anyone see it snowing yesterday? Well, I noticed the snow when it was stuck to my hair and hat! It is FINALLY starting to feel like winter so it is time to bring out those winter hats to keep you warm and stylish. My go-to winter hat will always be a beanie because it keeps me warm and is super casual. It is also a very helpful resource for when I am having a bad hair day; and let’s be honest, those days happen way too often especially with finals around the corner.

A beanie is a super easy way to accessorize an outfit or keep your outfit from looking too lazy. For example, today I woke up late and only had 5 minutes to get ready (classic Lindsay, yeah I know, thanks); I quickly put on leggings and a sweater, and then added my beanie to complete my look. That outfit only took me less than 5 minutes to put together and still looked presentable for the day. Adding a beanie is a simple solution to if you are feeling like your outfit is lacking something. It gives off that edgy and casual vibe without trying too hard. Also, if you get a neutral color, like grey or black, you can match with almost any outfit.

P.S. Don’t pull your beanie over your face to get out of a situation, it is awkward…trust me.


Pearl Obsession

I am sure you have seen the increased amount of clothing pieces that contain a pearl embellishment. Pearl detail is another example of embroidery, just a more dimensional one. This old style trend has been reinvented by different designers time after time. Now the trend has come back with a more contemporary vibe. This is a fresh new take on wearing pearls.

Big designers such as Gucci and Alessandro Michele have taken on this pearl induced trend in their own style. They began adding an abundance of pearls on jackets, shoes, sweaters, skirts, shirts, joggers – basically any piece of clothing you can think of. I have seen all of these styles and, in my opinion, you can either hit or miss it. Pearl embellishments can increase drama of the outfit or even make a casual outfit seem classy. However, if you add too much in too many places; you can end up looking childish and overall tacky. A few good places that have done right by this trend is Free People, Zara, H&M, and Mango. I have looked at all of these stores (physically and online), and I think they are the best options to shop this pearl trend.

I think this trend is pretty cool and can add a vintage look to a modern piece of clothing. But beware: too much may not be a good thing when it comes to pearls.

Statement Sleeves

A huge fashion trend that is continuously showing up during Fashion Week runways is the statement sleeve. It has made its return in the 2017 fall Fashion Week and is a trend we should all jump on.  Statement sleeves? Think tiered, flared, ruffled, or even balloon-shaped. The possibilities are endless and you can continue to be versatile with your look.

This detail is simple yet exaggerated which will keep your outfits looking casual in a trendy way. A statement sleeve added to your outfit is also wearable for all occasions. Statement sleeves can create a strong emphasis as well as make for a playful look. Exaggerated sleeves are a great way to accessorize without actually accessorizing. If you are not particularly good at accessorizing your outfit, you can find a top with unique sleeves to take over your look!

Want to try something different, but still trendy? Style a top with tiered sleeves under a slip dress! It will make your outfit more fun and trendy and is a simple way to step outside the box with your style.

This trend has inspired me to go out and buy two tops with statement sleeves. I have incorporated them a lot into daily outfits I wear to class and out. They are easy to style because of the exaggerated sleeve, so it does not take much to complete your outfit! Your sleeves are already trendy and eye-catching!

Leather Lookbook

This week I am trying a new technique and introducing a fashion lookbook! What is a lookbook though? Typically, a lookbook is meant to showcase any type of creativity showing off a model, style, photographer, or a certain stylist or clothing line. A lookbook includes collection of photos dealing with a similar style, trend, or pattern. In this case, I am using a lookbook to display how different leather can look within different outfits. It is the perfect time to bring out all your leather clothing – jackets, pants, shoes, accessories; the weather is changing and so are the fabrics and textures we are wearing. Personally, leather is one of my favourite textiles to wear or experiment with because of how versatile it can be. Clothing Manufacturers have to consider aspects like this too when it comes to creating these items of clothing. We have pieces like these because high-street stores know that they will sell, especially if it affordable and good quality. I can’t wait to experiment with this trend over the coming months. I’m already obsesses right now!

It also helps that it almost always makes an outfit edgy which I am all for. Wearing leather is something we all love to do every now and again, but depending on how many leather items you own, you might wear leather much more regularly. If so, you might want to find some new ways for you to take care of your leather, such as finding a brand new leather conditioner so that you can maintain your leather items.

I have constructed four very different styles for outfits in preparation for this lookbook.

Leather Skirt

This outfit demonstrates how the use of leather can be made to look professional. Some people only think leather as casual or too edgy where it can not be used in a professional manner. However, the use of leather can be the perfect way to make your business casual more trendy.

Leather Jacket

A simple way to accessorize is by the jackets we wear; add leather to that mix and you can easily create a trendy and edgy look to your casual outfit. My outfit was pretty simple – ripped jeans, a floral sweater, and a pair of booties – however, by adding the leather jacket, I was able to channel some boldness into my look. Leather jackets can also be a good source of warmth. Even during the cold night, I was kept pretty warm with my jacket.

Leather leggings/pants

I think having a pair of leather leggings or pants (I have both) can be beneficial when looking for something to add to the outfit without being overpowering. You can style leather bottoms with a casual tee or tuck in a bottom-up to make the outfit look more professional. The great thing about leather is that you can dress it up (or down) to how you like without it looking odd.

Leather Jewelry

Do you feel like something is missing to your outfit? Add a piece of jewelry to your look; and while you are at it, go one step further and make that piece leather. A leather piece can make your outfit more exciting and unique.

Boot Season

Hello and welcome to my personal guide to wearing boots! We may have skipped fall weather and went straight to this chilly winter weather, but that does not mean we have to forget about boots! Once you find a good pair of boots, they can last you a long, long time. If you struggle keeping your boots in one piece, take a look at this post, where they give you some nifty tips on how to maintain your winter boots, so they last a long time. If you’re still on the market for new boots though then you will have noticed there are tons of boot styles to choose from; from booties to ankle boots – what is the difference?

Booties: end RIGHT at the ankle

Ankle Boots: 1-4 inches ABOVE the ankle

Now that we know the difference between those two commonly mistaken shoes, I am ready to introduce my TWO lists that will help introduce the different boot styles and a few styles that you can match with your boots – get ready!

The different kind of boots, ankle boots, and booties

  • Boots you can ACTUALLY walk in – Let’s be honest, if you can not walk in them, you should not be wearing them, no matter how cute they are.
    • A few styles I have found easy to walk in include a chunky heeled boot, wedged boots, baby block heels, and flat boots.

  • The new take on wearing basic colored boots – Although we all love a basic or solid colored boot, why not buy a pair of boots that offer a cool detail along with that color?
    • A few details that have been popular during boot season include ruffles, pearls or fun embellishments, embroidery, exaggerated zippers, and eye-catching stitch work.

  • Tall boots with either a heel or no heel – Tall boots work for almost any casual occasion and they are a fun way to accessorize; and (between you and me) they make great substitute rain boots.
    • You can match tall boots with jeans, leggings, short dresses, short skirts, or even a fun pair of shorts paired with leggings.
  • Prepare for the winter season with a POP – Winter is filled with slushy and wet weather and it can be hard to realize that we do not have to sacrifice style.
    • Eliminate the thought of sacrificing style by looking for winter boots in fun colors, cool patterns, or a platform detail!

Styling your boots, ankle boots, and booties

  • Pants with a zipper cuff – Try something different by opening up your zipper and showing of your boots!
    • Open up the zipper and leave the hem open/untucked to show off your amazing boots. This is a cool way to show off your shoes and your style.
  • Go Monochromatic – Pick boots that are the same color as your denim.
    • This is easy way to make your legs look longer and works better with a high-heeled boot.
  • Rolling your cuff – Go for a “tomboy” look by incorporating the boyfriend jean or roll your cuffs above your ankle with a pair of ankle boots or booties.
    • Adding height will give a balance to the “tomboyish” look that your jean may give you, so try adding a pair of high-heeled boots with this outfit. By doing this, you will add a feminine feeling to your boyish look.
  • Adding socks – Accessorize with pair of socks to keep warm but look cute at the same time.
    • To avoid awkward color blocking or sectioning, do not wear socks that show over an inch.
    • Choose socks that are neutral colors so the focus is directly on that part of your outfit.

Transitioning from warm to chilly weather is never easy, but it can be more simple with the help of fashionably styling boots to fit the season! Styling boots has never been more easy and they are always my go-to shoe for the cold seasons. There are TONS of different types of boots that allow you to try different looks without causing too much stress.

Backless in Fall

I know what you are thinking, backless clothing is a spring/summer season trend. But, there is no reason you should be intimidated to rock this style during the chilly seasons of fall/winter.

It is the perfect time to go backless! So get out your lacey [and fun] bras or bralettes because they are about to serve an important purpose. A backless top is the appropriate time to flash a hint of skin and lingerie, without being tacky I might add. Having a backless top in your closet can create a mature, yet sexy, look. An exposed is both an appealing and versatile way to add confidence while showing your skin. I personally found this look to increase my confidence, which is not very common when I decide to show skin.

The backless aspect of an outfit is especially airy as well. It may be chilly outside, but it is oddly toasty in my class buildings. By having a part of my back exposed, it gives me some type of breeze which I much appreciate. I also appreciate having an open back incorporated into my sweater because it gives me that airy feeling without the warm fabric constricting me.

This year-round trend is super easy to style because you can either go easy while accessorizing or go big. I decided to let my back be my accessory since my sweater has a high neckline, a silver chain detail, and my back tattoo. That being mentioned, a backless outfit is a fun way to show off any ink you have on your back. I love the backless trend because I can show off my back tattoo, which is usually hard to do.

However, if you do want to accessorize, I would recommend deciding on a chunky necklace that sits nicely with your neckline. Backless pieces usually tend to have higher necklines than most.

Mixing Fall Colors

Happy mid-October!

This week I played around with fall colors – reds, yellows, browns, navy – more specifically oranges, blacks, olives, and magentas. In my experience, the darker the shade, the better when it comes to the fall season. Want to work a yellow? Go for it! However, I would lean towards a mustard or misted yellow over a lemon yellow.

I chose to style two outfits, both with completely different characteristics to them. However, they both carry the fall vibes  considering they both mix contrasting colors in the outfit.

The first outfit focuses on the dark orange and black mix of fall colors, which gives off a Halloween vibe without shoving the holiday in your face. I am always one for black clothing during any season, but adding the orange color gives off that fall vibe I am desperately wanting right now. The darkness of the black highlights the high intensity of the orange, which is why this color combination works. The choker I paired with this outfit helps with the Halloween display because of the energetic and uniqueness of the style. The white and black color scheme also highlights the outfit without taking away from the focus of fall color.

The second outfit I styled has a mixture of colors but follows a color theme: olive and magenta. I especially love this color combination because I think the two colors compliment each other well enough without over shadowing. These colors praise and highlight one another instead of drowning each other out. This outfit flows because it is connected from head to toe. The magenta is incorporated in the shoes that match the cardigan which is, again, is complimented by the olive top. I was able to pair black jeans with this outfit since the color scheme has darker hues. The gun-metal jewelry addition also helps connect the black jeans into the outfit despite the color hues also being there.

So there you have it; my take on mixing fall colors. I had a lot of fun experimenting, and I honestly think that mixing these seasonal colors will make your outfit more trendy and vibrant.


Off-The-Shoulder Tops

Today, I am welcoming a trend that is not particularly my style, but has made a huge wave in fashion trends throughout the last couple of months.

Yes, it is true; so get out your shoulders and prepare to talk about Off-The-Shoulder Tops!

Believe it or not, off the shoulder tops can be quite versatile. They can be styled to be dressed up or to look super casual – all depending on the accessories and the approach you take. This type of top shows off some skin without being too in your face about it. In the end, a off-shoulder top can work for anyone.

These sort of tops can potentially be difficult to style, but are super comfortable to wear one you know how! The key is to find a style that works for your body type.

  • If you are taller than most, then I would recommend a longer top to compliment your figure and length. Just remember: The taller you are, the longer you can go! However, for those who define themselves as shorter should stick to a cropped style as a longer top will make you appear to be shorter than you already are and carry too much fabric for your frame which can look odd at times.
  • For those of you who tend to be bigger in the chest department, a streamlined or flowy off-shoulder top would be the most flattering; unlike those who are smaller would look best with a form-fitting style.

Keeping THAT in mind, it is also important to wear the RIGHT bra while trying to work an off-shoulder top. The list of possibilities is endless (okay, not really BUT)! I have seen several girls wear strapless bras, nipple covers, bandeaus, stick on bras, bralettes, or even cut out strap bras! I chose to style my tops with a strapless bra and a bralette to showcase how different the outcome can be. Both styles looked flattering because of the style of the shirt and the body type of the woman.

As a college student, I am always looking for new ways to look cute and casual. I found it easy to style not one, but two, looks that incorporate this casual vibe. Since it is technically fall (even if it does not feel like it – boo), I paired my tops with two different kinds of jeans both with brown booties. Both outfits carry a statement necklace; one bigger than the other but still a bit of a statement nonetheless. With the neckline of a off-shoulder top, you can get as creative as you wish when adding on accessories, whether that be a bold necklace, a scarf, or an exciting bralette.

Glitter Roots!

I have been planning this one for weeks and I finally got to try the popular and trending glitter roots! Glitter roots are perfect for festival season along with hiding your out-grown roots (oops). This trending hair accessory is a fun way to express yourself in an elaborate and unique way.

What you will need:

  1. Hairspray/Vaseline/Dry Shampoo
  2. Glitter of choice
  3. Sequins (optional)
  4. A brush or comb

Step 1: Part your hair neat enough so it is obvious you are working a glitter part. Your normal part may not be enough to highlight the glitter root’s full potential.

Step 2: Secure your hairdo! The best hairstyles I have seen matched with this trend is pigtails, fun buns, or a half up/half down combo. When I tried glittering my roots, I used bobby pins and a lot of hairspray which I do not usually do.

Step 3: Add hairspray, Vaseline, or dry shampoo in your part where you will be adding the glitter. Hairspray is probably your best bet; however, I used Vaseline to quickly add my glitter and it worked just fine!

Step 4: Apply the glitter to your roots while your part is still wet from the hairspray or Vaseline. I had someone dump glitter on my head and it stayed in my hair without an issue.

Step 5: For an added effect, you can strategically place larger sequins to your part on top of the glitter powder. Those placed slightly away from the face will have a longer durability throughout the day. Do not be afraid to mix colors and texture – the bolder the better!

Spoiler Alerts:

  1. Glitter will get everywhere, so be prepared to find it places you would never think of!
  2. Getting the glitter out will take SEVERAL hair washes. I still have glitter in my hair from this past weekend.

Are glitter roots extra? YES. However, they are super fun and give off a lot of personality! With Halloween coming up this month, it is the perfect time to give this trend a try without looking out of place. I will admit, I did go to the library with my glitter part and despite getting a few odd looks, I was totally fine and still looked AMAZING.