Coconut Oil, The Miracle Worker

Hello & Happy Friday everyone! I was blessed with exams every single day for the past four days, so my post is pretty laid-back this week. When I got out of the shower this morning and started going through my daily routine, I thought that a post focusing on Coconut Oil would be a brilliant idea. Plus, I’ve been wanting to share my love for this multipurpose product for awhile now, so here I go!

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I have become quite the coconut oil fanatic. Seriously, try pinteresting this stuff and tell me that you aren’t intrigued. Some of you may be really confused as to what I’m talking about, so I’ll explain. Coconut oil is simply an all natural product, which can be used as a cheap alternative to expensive beauty products and cooking & cleaning products. I first used it about two years ago, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized how much I really love this stuff.

Below are five ways that I incorporate Coconut Oil into my routine:


Holy soft! Coconut oil is known for leaving the skin refreshed, healed & moisturized. Unlike typical moisturizers, coconut oil doesn’t just soak in & leave your skin dry and flaky. It moisturizes the skin so well that no products can even compete! I’ve been using it as a face moisturizer day & night. It’s also really good for anyone with troubled skin, especially acne, because of its inflammatory properties. Try it out ASAP.


Seriously conditions your hair like no other. Coconut oil smoothes hair and aids in breakage prevention & split ends. You can use it on dry or damp hair. I apply coconut oil right when I get out of the shower, focusing on the ends of my hair, then working throughout the rest. I notice that when using just the right amount, which is less than a quarter size, my hair stays conditioned & shiny, without feeling or looking greasy. It’s also really awesome for frizz control.

Hair Mask

Mix up an at-home coconut oil & honey hair mask & smooth it through your hair. Let it sit on hair for 30 minutes, then wash as you normally would. There are so many variations of masks that you can whip up using coconut oil, however this one works for my hair.

Lip Balm

When your lips are dry & cracked and you can’t find your chapstick, coconut oil saves lives…I mean lips. For a scrub, mix coconut oil with sugar & honey for much needed exfoliation.

Teeth Whitener

Coconut oil is a natural toothpaste. Mix a little with baking soda and brush away. Even better, try oil pulling. Oil Pulling is when you swish around a tablespoon of oil in you mouth for up to 20 minutes. Doing this 4-7 times a week creates a brighter, whiter smile. Some people also use oil pulling to prolong the results of whitening treatments similar to those offered by a Dentist in La Habra. And remember, even if you are whitening your teeth it is still important that you take time to visit your dental practice every six months so that they can evaluate your oral health.

Worthy Workout Gear

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If you’re anything like me, you put some decent thought into what you wear to the gym. I’m not just talking aesthetic purposes, but functionality as well. Dressing for success at the gym has a positive impact on your overall mood and workout. I’ve discovered that when I look stylish while working out, I feel so much more at ease, and I find that I get a better workout because of it. Now, finding workout gear that meets comfort AND style is harder than it sounds, and price is just another tricky aspect to add to the list. As women, these are things we worry about that the average athletic male doesn’t. Often times, we choose functionality over style, or style lacks when we go for something with more coverage.

I’ve become familiar with many athletic brands due to my background in dance, so I ensure you, it is possible to look stylishly sexy and be able to have a great workout.

The key is knowing what to look for:

  • Avoid baggy clothing
  • Wear appropriate bottoms
  • Invest in a quality & supportive sports bra (worth it)
  • Go the sleeveless route
  • Dark colors always– more flattering & sophisticated
  • Fabric matters- choose cotton, spandex or elastic

Last year, Express launched their new EXP Core Performance collection. Yes, the same Express that sells dress clothes, blazers and formal dresses. I ordered some pieces off of their site last week, and I was obsessing over them the moment they got here. You can find multi-colored mesh, cut-out leggings, a plethora of sports bras, breathable tanks and jackets within the line, and all for a reasonable price.

I’m a very indecisive person when it comes to choosing a pair of leggings, however the color block EXP core compression leggings met everything that I was looking for. Express leggings provide overall stretch, flat seams and moisture-wicking material, and some even include pockets! I’ve worn these leggings twice already and love how form-fitting and cool they keep me while exercising. Plus, the color block stripe and mesh add a little bit of fun to an otherwise simple piece of workout apparel.

I found two tanks to pair with these leggings, first being the EXP Core fierce burnout tank which is super soft and encouraging, and the White EXP Core Racerback Ringer Tank.  Needless to say, both of these tops are lightweight, all-workout tanks that give you enough breathability and freedom to show off a badass sports bra underneath.

Express knows that there is no reason to sacrifice a great outfit for coverage, and that rings true throughout their entire athletic apparel line. I suggest visiting the Express site and giving the EXP Core Performance collection a look for yourself.  The look every fit-chick is looking for is right there, and I’m telling you, Express might surprise you!

Wardrobe Essentials for Fall

We’re reaching the tail end of summer, so the time is approaching to retire our crop tops and next-to-nothing tanks for more material and warmth.  One of the most chic and versatile pieces, which I never get sick of, is the oversized sweater.  Black, tan, white, or colorful, this item is a must for Fall 2016.  Pairing a large sweater with tights, knee-high boots and a scarf may be the easiest outfit for those early morning classes, and a simple outfit is all we’re looking for with our hectic schedules, am I right?


With endless ways to wear this fashion essential, you’re left to style it however you choose. Don’t be afraid to add your own flair. Wear it with or without a coat, with a pair of skinny or boyfriend jeans, a skirt or a midi dress. By just wearing it, you’ll achieve that sophisticated look that you were aiming for. Scroll through the outfits below to see how I styled this Free People sweater! Not to mention, I bargained $2 for it!

  1. Suede Skirt



You can’t go wrong when transitioning with a suede skirt. Whether you’re going out with the girls, going on a lunch date, or even running around on the weekend, this look is put together, yet not too complicated. Put on your favorite booties and you’re set, my dear!

2. Boyfriend Jean



For more of a comfy & casual outfit, throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans.  I’ve always been a fan of this slightly distressed style. I feel like I’m wearing my mother’s hand-me-downs every time that I put them on.  It took me awhile to find a pair that fit me just right, but the hunt was well worth it.  Denim adds something special in comparison to your typical black leggings. Try it out!

3.  Detailed Slip Dress



I absolutely adore this slip dress! Slips were a little confusing to me when I first discovered them. I wasn’t exactly sure how to wear them, but throwing an oversized sweater over top of a slip is a chic styling tip. I now own a couple slip dresses and love layering them as I did here! Due to the v-neck sweater, I was able to show off the dainty detailing of the dress. Once the weather starts getting chillier, sock booties or knee-highs would complete this look perfectly. If slip dresses aren’t your style, you can even find an oversized sweater that is long enough to wear as a dress!



Healthy Habits for a College Lifestyle

For today’s post, I thought I’d give you a few helpful tips to stay happy & healthy this semester!




All my life, I’ve been an extremely active person.  From age four to age 18, I danced more than I walked.  In other words, I danced six days per week, for 5+ hours a day.  Yes, it was a lot.  Yes, I got overwhelmed. But no, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  Before I came to college, dance had always been incorporated into my daily schedule, and I took the health benefits it provided for granted.  I was so adjusted to this highly active lifestyle that it didn’t even cross my mind that college would be much, much different.



Coming into my freshman year was a difficult transition for me because of how active my lifestyle was before this chapter in my life began.  From dancing 24/7 to not dancing at all, figuring out ways to incorporate fitness into my new college lifestyle was a lot harder than I had expected.

But, with college came new experiences, and for me that was going to the gym instead of the dance studio.

I was slightly intimidated by the idea of going to the gym. I mean, I don’t know about you, but being in a room full of experienced weightlifters and athletes wasn’t my ideal workout setting, or one that I was used to for that matter.  However, I got over those few seconds of intimidation and realized that focusing on myself was key.

Who cares what weight the girl next to you is lifting, or how quick your run turns into a jog…or a fast paced walk.

Staying active isn’t the only thing that I want to emphasize in this post.  An equal balance of exercise, healthy eating, and overall healthy living habits will benefit you in more ways than you know:

  • it increases strength, mind, body & soul
  • keeps the skin vibrant & healthy
  • improves your mood & sleep patterns
  • increases relaxation
  • strengthens the immune system
  • ultimately, makes you HAPPY


When it comes to exercising, I go for anything that makes me sweat. Dance workouts, Yoga/Pilates, HIIT classes, 30-minute runs, light weight training and body-weight exercises are some of my favorites.  My ultimate goal when I workout is to stay strong and balanced.

From personal experience, here are some tips & suggestions on starting your own fitness kick in college:

  1. Try a workout class that you’ve never been to before.
  2. Don’t be afraid of the gym. Get a group of friends together, your roommates, or your significant other. It’s a great way to stay healthy and have fun while doing it.
  3. Walk with every opportunity you can, especially when it’s warm out.
  4. Try to take a scenic run or jog instead of running in place on a treadmill.
  5. Check out Pinterest for simple exercises to do in the comfort of your own home or dorm.
  6. Join your school’s fitness club. Why not!
  7. Opt for post-workout snacks like mixed fruit, trail mix, carrots and hummus, a smoothie, or yogurt with granola.
  8. Go to bed at a reasonable hour – sleep is always important.
  9. Drink lots and lots of water! Staying hydrated benefits the body in more ways than you can even imagine.
  10. Be nice to yourself. Love yourself. It’s all about a balanced life.




Fashion Rule Revised: Wearing White after Labor Day

Hi, I’m Katie….

Let me try that again.

Hi, I’m a poor college sophomore worrying way too much about her future & drinking way too much coffee.  When I’m not daydreaming about endless tacos and snuggling with a million baby pugs, I ponder the thought of running away to the big city and becoming a professional dancer.

Let’s just say that I’m a dreamer, who’s trying to get my life together, and build a resume, and figure out who I am.

Fashion + healthy living + pursuing life goals are major focuses in my life. I’ve never feared change or doing things alone. Because of this, I’ve learned a lot about myself.

A few things about me…

I believe anything that genuinely brings happiness into my life is worth doing, and I hold a strong desire for adventure, making it hard for my family and friends to find me at times.

I’m a Retail Merchandising & Fashion Product Development major, and I recently began my entrepreneurship certificate at Ohio University.

This semester I really want to test the blogging waters, share my perspective & ideas, and ultimately challenge myself creatively.  With that being said, I’m focusing the rest of this post on a simple September outfit that I wore this morning.


With Labor Day quickly approaching, the first thing that I thought to throw on was my white pants.  If you ask me, the “no wearing white after labor day” rule is no longer something that should be followed. If anything, September is the month that I find myself wearing the most articles of clothing in white. I refuse to tuck my favorite items away into the back of my closet just because an old-fashioned rule tells me that I should.

DJ1A6159 DJ1A6084 DJ1A6134
I paired these white jeans with a burnt orange mock-neck tank to add a little shade to the upcoming season.  As far as shoes went, I wasn’t sure if I should slide on some flats or spice it up with these lace-ups. These heeled lace-up sandals are the perfect addition to any relatively casual outfit, especially in September.

There’s nothing that I love more than gold accents and dainty jewelry. My favorite piece from this entire outfit has to be my “K” pendant from Anthropologie!  I purchased this necklace right before I came back to school and I wear it daily. I really adore the simplicity of one letter, compared to monograms that can occasionally be too chunky for my taste.

This outfit can easily transition into fall by substituting the lace-up sandals for chic booties and throwing on a light jacket.  I recommend a leather or denim style.

Wearing: BDG jeans (Urban Outfitters), Truly Madly Deeply Tank (Nordstrom), Lace-up Sandals (Steve Madden), Jewelry (Anthropologie)

With love,

Katie Klinefelter

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